Quality dog kennels: Mason Kennels

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by Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger

Mason Company was founded by Henry Mason in 1892 to provide quality animal enclosures. Since then, Mason Company has sold and installed more dog kennels than anyone else in the world, earning the reputation for providing the finest animal enclosures on the market for dogs, cats and other animals.

They design and manufacture systems for the veterinary, boarding and shelter markets, as well as animal control, military and working dogs, breeding, research, zoos, exotic animals – any application where animals need to be enclosed securely, humanely and under demanding conditions. Their products are so well made and durable that they have also been selected to serve with every branch of our armed forces overseas in combat conditions.

Acme Canine Resource Center uses 12 roomy Mason kennels designed to provide comfort and privacy, and the ultimate luxury in pet boarding! Each airy and spacious kennel comes complete with raised sleep area and daily maid service. Daily playtimes and walks around the block are included with trainings and boardings. You can choose from a variety of one-on-one activities depending on your pet. From active play like ball catching to a peaceful, easy stroll or cuddle, each guest is given undivided personal attention. And, of course, lots of petting is always included.

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