Quarantine-Friendly Activities for Dogs

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Nestling home with your pet dog for weeks on end can get boring, especially if you do not find activities to improve your canine bond

By Guest Blogger, Diana

During the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is one of the most important things we can do to help stop the spread of the virus. However, nestling home with your pet dog for weeks on end can get boring, especially if you do not find creative ways to bond with your fluffy companion so that you both remain sane and happy.

Treats treasure hunt

Dogs are active pets, and this is the main reason why you have to make sure that your furry bundle of joy is keeping active during this strenuous time. Even though it is risky to take your dog out for long walks or an afternoon of fun in the local park, this does not mean that you have to stop doing physically challenging activities at home.

One such fun activity is a treasure hunt. As you know, most dogs love treats and they also love a good challenge. To keep your beloved pet and yourself entertained, you could organize a treasure hunt in the comfort of your home.

To get the best result, we recommend that you hide treats that you are 100% that your pet likes. This way, there is a higher chance that it will feel incentivized to look for them and to find and eat them.

Once your dog finds all the treats, be sure to congratulate it and to reward it with some cuddles. You can also reward it by buying a new packable dog bed that it can take long and relaxing naps in. This entire activity can take some time to organize, and, thus, it is perfect if you want to take some time off from wondering about what’s going on on the news.

New tricks

Who said quarantine time has to be boring! If you’ve been a pet owner for a while, you probably know that teaching a dog a trick is both challenging and very rewarding. So, why don’t you try to do so now?

If your pet already knows how to perform the basic tricks, it is time to upgrade to something more difficult. If you have no idea what type of tricks you can teach, we recommend that you go online as there are plenty of online videos that can prove very helpful.


There is nothing more that dogs love and want than to have their human at home at all times. According to Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, a cognitive scientist who studies dogs, these pets can be of real help, during these times. No matter if you are an extrovert or an introvert, you probably crave the need to have someone around while self-isolating. A dog is a perfect companion in these circumstances.

If you want to make sure that you are in a good mental state, you should try to do some meditation or yoga at least once a day. With a little bit of practice, you can also teach your dog to do some of the easier yoga poses with you. Of course, you should try this only if the pet is interested in what you are doing.

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Diana was raised in a pet-friendly family and she is now the proud owner of three pet dogs that she loves spending time with. She enjoys writing about pet care, nutrition, and books.

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