Quick classes on improving dog behavior

Looking for something special to do with your dog friends?  Interested in a unique party idea that involves dogs?  Book a canine group workshop designed just for you.

Acme Canine can design a workshop to the date, time and even the place that suits you the best.  All you need to do is have three (or more) dog owners interested in participating and the class is set.  Call (740) 548-1717 for more information.

Here are some topics for workshops:


A certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator from Acme Canine will test dogs for Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine. Cost is $10 per dog.

Improving commands and confidence building workshop

Does your dog know commands but loses focus at the sign of a squirrel or when the doorbell rings? Learn how to teach your dog to accept real-life distractions such as the door bell ringing, toy destruction, mailmen, loud noises, food on the floor and more. This 1-hour workshop offers an opportunity to work on distraction training and improve your dog’s self control.  $30/dog  Limit 6 dogs.

 Walk Without Pulling workshop

Is your dog walking you? Our certified trainer will show you how to get control of the situation and have your dog walking politely on leash by the end of the session. Cost $20/dog Limit six dogs.

Come on command workshop

Coming to you when called is one of the more important skills your dog can learn. The recall, along with a solid “emergency down” may save your dog’s life one day, so it’s worth putting time into training your dog to respond quickly. Although we strive never to put our dogs in unsafe situations, the “come” (or “recall”) command can avert a car-dog collision, a deer chase, or other hazards. On a more practical level, the “come” command presents your dog with opportunities for freedom precisely because you know you can call your dog back – in the park, on hiking trails, or anywhere. At the end of this two hour workshop you will have the skills to build a solid recall with your dog. This class is only available to ACME CANINE obedience clients. Cost is $50/dog Limit 6 dogs.

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