Reasons Which Make Chihuahuas The Best Pet Dogs

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Chihuahuas are small, inexpensive, entertaining, loyal, and easy to care for dogs. Take a look at these reasons why Chihuahuas make excellent pets!

Chihuahuas are recognized as one of the world’s tiniest dog breeds. These small dogs were rediscovered in the 1800s in the Chihuahua state of northern Mexico, and that is how they got their name. Thanks to Hollywood, Chihuahuas were always a popular breed in the United States (ok, and let’s be honest, Taco Bell). The American Kennel Club describes the Chihuahua dog as “charming, elegant, and sassy.”. We can’t help but agree with them! They have been excellent companion dogs for humans for decades. Chihuahuas are perfect dogs for any first-time pet owner because they have huge personalities packed into tiny bodies.

Chihuahuas are popular among allergy sufferers because they are mostly hypoallergenic. Many urban or city dwellers favor these dainty-sized pups because of their small sizes and energy levels. It’s no surprise that celebrities like Paris Hilton adore this dog breed and bring these purse-sized pups wherever they go, thanks to their sleek movements and fast and steady gait. They’ve even published a “For Dummies” book for the Chihuahuas! Chihuahuas have remained popular, cute, and simply the best since the days of Taco Bell and Tinkerbell.

Here’s some more Chihuahua information that all applies to all of them, whether the Chihuahua is a saucy mix or a sassy purebred:

Provide loyal companionship

Chihuahuas are amongst the most devoted dog breeds. The reason for this is because that’s what they’ve been bred to do. Chihuahuas were raised to provide companionship to their owners, and they have never lost that ability. Despite their small size, Chihuahuas have dedicated guard dogs who like to follow their beloved human around at all times.

Chihuahuas are easily portable.

Chihuahuas are small dogs that weigh between 3.3 and 6.5 pounds and fall into the toy dog category. For day trips across town or a first-class flight to Grandma’s place, that colossal personality fits comfortably into a teeny-tiny carry-on. Although their tiny size makes them an ideal travel companion, bear in mind that the Chihuahua is recognized for its self-assurance and ability to rule the roost.

Early attention to an obedience training routine can give your travel partner a simple and pleasant experience. The Chihuahua Club of America emphasizes that the Chihuahua is a terrier-like breed that is very expressive. Realizing this propensity in advance will help you train your Chi for life on the road and all of the experiences that await on the way!

They keep an eye on the house.

Living in the city has its advantages and disadvantages. Break-ins are becoming more frequent, so we do all we can to protect our families and keep intruders out. Chihuahuas are experts at keeping an eye out for intruders.

Chihuahuas have incredible hearing and vision, and they are fiercely protective of their family. The high-pitched and frightening yelping that warns off any trespassers makes the owner aware if a stranger is at the door or near the building. Having the little guard on standby at all times gives the owners great peace of mind, and we feel secure every day.

Unlike other dog breeds, they need less upkeep.

There are two types of Chihuahuas. The long-haired Chihuahua is the first kind. The second version is the Chihuahua with short hair, which is the most common. A Chihuahua with long hair has a long coat. The Chihuahua’s coat is smooth and short-haired. The coats of these two Chihuahua breeds come in a range of colors. Cream, white, red, chocolate, and tannish brown are the coat colors you’ve possibly seen this pup with. Some have patterns, spots, masks, and even tiger-like markings.

Chihuahuas with smooth and short coats don’t need much grooming or maintenance. You’ll have to clean your Chi once every few months if they have a short coat. Bathe them every few months. This will keep their silky-smooth coat looking good and lustrous. Clean your Chihuahua’s coat once a week to stop matting and tangles if you have longer-haired Chihuahuas.

They’ve got a cool and long history.

These small dogs’ origins and history are shrouded in mystery, but we know that they are one of the oldest breeds in the Americas. Though the breed’s name comes from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, its actual origins are unknown.

According to the AKC, the breed is a hybrid product between the Techichi, the ancient Toltec people’s favorite (and now extinct) dog, and a hairless Asian dog (that crossed the land bridge to Alaska–talk about portable!).

After beating the Toltecs, the Aztecs were able to breed smaller Techichis, and after the Spanish conquered the Aztecs, they, too, fell madly in love with the small Techichis. We know today’s breed name was not given to these dogs until the 1800s, when they were found in Chihuahua’s Mexican state by American travelers.

Although the breed’s exact origins are uncertain, there are several records of the breed dating back to 300 BC in both the archaeological and written historical records.

Chihuahuas are renowned for their playful personalities

Chihuahuas are faithful and affectionate to their owners, but they are far from dull and enjoy playing! That being said, no two Chihuahuas are alike, so if you have a Chihuahua mate, your pet will almost certainly be different and special.

Chihuahuas are so Adorable!

This is the most apparent explanation of why a Chihuahua is the best choice among various small dog breeds. They’re the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen! They have the most adorable little faces and eyes, and their hearts are on their paws.

When you walk a chi, you will see how fascinated they are with you. Since their hearts are so huge, their gentle and tiny appearances are deceiving.

There’s a Chihuahua for everyone.

The smooth coat and the long coat are the two styles of Chihuahuas recognized by most kennel clubs. However, among these two categories, the breed is distinguished by hundreds of colors (such as chocolate, white, and red) and markings (such as masks and spots). Furthermore, Chihuahuas are known for having either an “apple” or “deer”-shaped head, resulting in a variety of Chi’s, each cuter than the last.

You might need some help coming up with the perfect name for your Chi with so many different looks. We’ve got you covered, don’t worry!

Chihuahuas are always ready to learn.

In the right circumstances, Chihuahuas’ high energy levels will translate to excellent training performance. Their willingness to learn and please you can assist you in raising a beautiful companion dog. Chihuahua owners report that Chis excel at positive reinforcement, assisting with aggression, barking, and property securing.

Social interaction with the Chihuahua pup (and introducing them to bigger breeds, too!) will go a long way toward assisting them in developing into healthy adult Chihuahua. Chis react well to rewards—sometimes a little too well— keep the treats minimum because the small breeds cannot handle too many extra calories and gain weight.

Chihuahuas can exercise indoors.

Chihuahuas, considering their small size, are high-energy dogs. If you’re a first-time pet owner, you’ll be glad to find that they don’t consume a lot of your time or resources. Chihuahuas need about 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day. Exercising their excess energy by simply running from room to room or chasing their human owners around the house is a safe way to do so. As a result, Chihuahuas are ideal pets for people who have a hectic schedule.

Chihuahuas love accessories

Do you like shopping for dog clothes? You may have met your soulmate! It’s the ideal opportunity to accessorize! When you’re accessorizing your Chihuahua, don’t forget about the necessary owner accessories! Chihuahuas are prone to tremble or shiver when they are cold, frightened, or excited, so dressing your Chi for the weather is recommended, especially if the forecast calls for rain or cold weather.

Small but powerful

Despite being a toy breed, the Chihuahua can be a high-energy dog, so be prepared for some zoomies! They are, however, easier to exercise than larger dogs and can also be exercised indoors. An exercised Chi, like all dogs, is a happy Chi, but satisfying your Chihuahua’s exercise needs is essential. They make wonderful companion dogs when properly exercised and socialized, which is why so many people adore their large, caring personalities.

Chihuahuas live for a long time.

Small dogs, in general, live longer than large dog breeds, but Chihuahuas have especially long lives, ranging from 13 to 15 years.

Final Note

If you’re a first-time Chihuahua owner or have danced this cha-cha prior, Chi owners aren’t shy about expressing their affection for these tiny pests. We have to agree on all of the reasons mentioned above!

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