The ultimate reason why you should reward your dog with praise rather than treats

Rewarding with Praise with help increase the bond you already have with your dog

By Dog Blogger, Miss Moneypenny

More than anything we dogs like to be praised.  Endorphins are released when you touch or pet us.

While I’m not one to pass on food treat (and maybe your dog is the same), it probably is not the best reward you can give us.  We’re pretty smart.  If you have us  working for food, you may find that our motivation is gone as soon as the treat is.

On the other hand, rewarding with praise will help increase the bond you already have with your dog because a dog that is working for your praise is a dog that wants to please you.  And, another benefit is, by using praise as a reward for a desired behavior you are more likely to increase the frequency and reliability of the particular behavior.

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