Soft Dog Treats for Old Dogs: DIY & Store Bought Options

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Why Should I Use Soft Dog Treats for Old Dogs?

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There’s no doubt that it’s important to keep up with your senior dog’s changing body and support their health every step of the way. When it comes to providing them with soft dog treats, however, it’s easy to wonder what gives these treats an advantage over conventional options. There are a few reasons why soft treats are recommended for senior dogs:

  • Soft dog treats are easier for older dogs with tooth decay or dental health issues to chew. Most conventional dog treats are extremely tough; unfortunately, this can make them very painful for seniors to eat. Many brands offer soft chews specifically formulated to help dental health — meaning that you can even reduce pain and inflammation by offering the proper treats.
  • Soft dog treats are more digestible than conventional dog treats. You should select a soft treat if you’re hoping to support your dog’s health by providing vitamin-supplemented treats. Dogs of all sizes and ages will be able to digest soft chews with ease.

There’s no shame in providing soft chews to older dogs, either. Periodontal disease is one of the most common types of illness affecting domestic dogs, and it only becomes increasingly common as they age. Over 80% of dogs older than three years old suffer from some form of periodontal disease. These diseases are particularly common among small brachycephalic dogs but occur for almost every older dog.

Are Soft Dog Treats Healthy for Senior Dogs?

Like any other variety of treats, whether soft treats are healthy for senior dogs depends on how they’re made. A healthy treat with nutritious vegetables, meats, and high-quality grains like quinoa will only benefit your dog and improve their health. While cheap treats made with wholesome ingredients like corn and wheat won’t directly harm your dog, giving them to your dog means you’ll miss out on opportunities to nourish them.

There are a few other qualities you can look out for if you want to give your dog the healthiest treats. You should select chews that are sized appropriately for your dog to ensure they digest as well as possible. You can also look online for treats that align with certain diets, such as vegetarian dog treats and grain-free treats, and you can even select treats with therapeutic ingredients and supplements like vitamins or CBD.

Are Soft Dog Treats Healthy for Senior Dogs

The Best Homemade Soft Dog Treats for Old Dogs

One great way to reward your old dog is to make your own homemade dog treats at home. This approach has a few advantages: you can be confident that the treats are made of entirely healthy ingredients and avoid dog food that irritates your older dog’s stomach, too. Best of all, making soft dog treats at home is significantly cheaper than purchasing them — and it’s very simple to do.

Here are some of the best ingredients you can choose from to make soft dog treats:

  • Baby food. You should read the label to verify that the baby food contains no dog-toxic ingredients.
  • Protein-heavy ingredients like dry milk powder, peanut butter, and eggs.
  • Healthy grains like cream of wheat, cooked wild or brown rice, quick oats, or rice flour.
  • Omega-3-rich foods like blueberries, flaxseed, chia seeds, fish oil, and salmon.
  • Antioxidant-rich foods like bananas, apples, spinach, parsley, carrots, and blueberries.
  • Fiber-rich foods like pumpkin puree, cooked zucchini, cooked sweet potato, and quinoa.
  • Probiotic-rich foods like yogurt.
  • Nutrient-packed stock like low sodium vegetable broth or low sodium beef broth.

Using ingredients from the list above, making your own dog treats is simple. You can start by making dough from ingredients like yogurt, quick oats, and cooked sweet potatoes. To finish the treats, you can either freeze a tray of treat-sized dollops of dough (unless they contain raw ingredients) or bake small dollops of the dough on a nonstick pan at 350 deg for around 10 minutes until they reach a soft but solid consistency.

It’s important to note that if you decide to make dog treats at home, you will need to watch them for any signs of spoilage. Since they aren’t loaded with preservatives like conventional dog treats, you will find that your homemade dog treats have a limited shelf life.

The 3 Best Store-Bought Soft Dog Treats for Old Dogs

Best Homemade Soft Dog Treats for Old Dogs

Best For Sensitive Teeth: Nutri-Vet Dental Health Soft Chews for Dogs

If your dog is suffering from dental pain, you don’t just have to provide soft chews — you can select and provide a treat that actively supports their dental health. Nutri-Vet Dental Health Soft Chews use active ingredients like CoQ10, vitamin C, and zinc to reinforce your dog’s tooth enamel, reduce harmful oral bacteria, and protect sensitive gum tissue.

Best For Skin And Fur Health: Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Skin & Coat Treats

When it comes to the skin and fur of senior dogs, they often need extra support to have a coat that shines just like when they were young. When you use Cloud Star’s Dynamo Dog Skin & Coat Treats, you can trust ingredients like salmon oil and vitamin E to revitalize and give a shiny boost to your dog’s coat.

Best For Joint And Hip Health: VetIQ Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs

It’s not uncommon for senior dogs to deal with painful symptoms like joint stiffness and pain. Luckily, addressing the issue is sometimes as simple as providing the right supplement, and VetIQ Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs is one of the best you can offer. This treat is filled with essential nutrients like glucosamine, MSM, and Omega-3 fatty acids, which will help support your dog’s joints and offer pain relief.

Reward Your Senior Dog with Soft Dog Treats

Whether you decide to go with a store-bought option or to make soft dog treats at home, there’s no doubt that seeing your old dog fully enjoy their treats again is a rewarding experience. When you give your senior dog treats formulated to support their aging body, it won’t be long before you see them thriving.

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