DOG TRICK: Say Your Prayers


by Laura Pakis, Certified dog trainer and professional blogger

As we approach the holiday season there is so much to be thankful for.  Why not teach your dog a trick that shows they are grateful.  Most dogs can learn this trick in about 15 minutes.

1. Start by asking your dog to sit facing a low bed or chair, depending on the size of your dog. Make sure it’s a comfortable reach.

2. Hold a small, soft treat at the edge of the bed. Say “Up!” Pat the edge of the bed, demonstrating where you want your dog to raise their feet.

3. Your dog will probably try to jump up onto the bed. Don’t allow this, rather guide them back down. Repeat until they understand that you want only the feet up. When they accomplish this successfully, praise and reward with a treat.

4. Once your dog understands steps 1-3 then introduce “Say your prayers.” To get your dog to bow their head, lower the treat to between their front paws.

5.  Praise them and reward them with a treat.

6.  Start the trick by saying “Say Your Prayers”.  Then follow through the steps encouraging your dog by repeating “Say Your Prayers” with each step.

7.  When they complete the trick, praise them and reward them with a treat.

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