Selecting a dog crate

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Dog crates aren’t cheap, so before you go shopping, think carefully about what you want in a crate

by Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Cynologist

Dog crates aren’t cheap, so before you go shopping, think carefully about what you want in a crate. It would be a huge waste of money if you bought the wrong product for your dog.

Let’s look at some things you need to think about when buying a crate for your dog.

What size dog crate will you need?

Firstly, what sized crate will you need? Choose a crate appropriate for your dog’s size when he is fully grown, even if it seems awfully big for your baby puppy. The crate should be big enough to let him stretch right out when he is lying down. It should also be tall enough to allow him to stand up comfortably.

What type of dog crate will you need?

You will then need to think about what type of crate you would like. Crates can be made from metal, plastic, wood, or canvas, and your choice will depend on what you want it for. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Metal crates are sturdy and easy to clean, and they allow your dog to see through the walls what’s happening around him. However, they aren’t very stylish if you want to have the crate in your lounge room. They are usually heavy, making them less suitable if you want to take them in the car or use them when you take your dog away for a few days.

Wooden crates are expensive but look stunning as part of your home decor. You can choose a wood stain to match the rest of your furniture. These crates are not at all portable. If your dog can chew the wood and go to the toilet in the crate, it can be difficult to clean it effectively. However, if you want a quality piece of furniture that enhances your living area, a “wooddogcrate” wood dog crate would be the crate for you.

Canvas crates can also be hard to clean, and they aren’t a good choice if your dog likes to chew. However, they can often be folded flat, so the crates can easily take them on vacation. They are lightweight and are a good choice if you want to use a crate in your car.  These crates usually have large mesh side panels, which give your dog an excellent view of what’s happening around him.

Plastic crates are very versatile. You can use them at home, but you can take them with you when you have a vacation with your dog because they are lightweight and easy to move. You can thoroughly clean them. These crates may not allow your dog to see outside the crate clearly so that he may feel a little isolated in it.

It’s worth spending the time thinking about the type of crate that best suits your needs. If you choose wisely, you’ll be happy with your purchase, and your crate will last you for many years.

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