7 Dog Care Tips to not Ignore in Summers

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Dogs are affected by the heat of the Summer sun, so here are some tips to take care of your pet in this blazing heat.

By guest blogger Christine Rudolph,

Many people have an affection for animals to the extent that they would adopt them, which is their source of compassion and happiness. However, having a pet is a great responsibility. It is similar to raising a child. People commonly either adopt a cat or a dog.  However, there are many other options like fish, rabbits, parrots, birds, cats, etc. However, it is advised not to adopt wild animals like snakes and lions. Pets are also beneficial to health as they reduce stress, depression, and a sense of loneliness. They also get emotionally attached to humans and cheer you up like friends in difficult times because they can sense sadness and empathize with their owners.

Adoption of a pet is the simple part, no matter which animal you are adopting. However, accommodating them according to your lifestyle and within your family can be quite challenging after adopting them. You should be able to give them proper attention, care, and time. You should also be fully aware and prepared to spend a percentage of your income because having a pet could be costly. It should not be a burden to you but a responsibility. However, it is better to do your homework before bringing a pet home.

It is necessary to understand every behavior of your pet. It is so that you can be fully prepared for whatever is coming your way. You should also be aware of their eating habits, psychological behavior, and hygiene care. This will all help you prepare the pet care necessities like pet food, litter box, training toys, etc., to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Moreover, also keep in mind to prepare everything according to the ongoing weather. And as summer has come, and the sun is upon us, it is too hot. This scorching sun has made our life difficult, and not just humans suffer from this heat; animals are also affected by it. So, here are some tips to take care of your pet in this blazing heat.

Keep Them Hydrated

Animals get dehydrated, too, especially in the summer season. There are few signs of dehydration, such as excessive drooling and swollen gums. Dogs and cats tend to get dehydrated more often than humans because of their thick fur coats.  Hence, provide your pets fresh and plenty of water in summer and try to keep them in air-conditioned surroundings. If you are going out, keep one water bottle for them as well. It would be best to arrange shade for your pet in the summers if you keep them outdoor.

Do Not Leave Them In A Car

Never leave your pet in the car. Dog and cats are prone to heatstroke. When it is scorching hot, please do not leave them in your vehicle unattended, waiting for you behind. You may think that you are going for a short time, but it takes less than 10 minutes to have a heatstroke. However, many states have a law of “Hot Car,” which states that it is illegal to leave your pet in a car. So, it is better to leave them behind at home than to make them wait for you in a boiling car.

Do Not Forget Sunscreen

Don’t forget the fact that your pets get sunburn too. However, applying sunscreens can protect them from sunburn, but if not used appropriately, then it can cause serious harm. It is imperative to use only pet-friendly sunscreens that do not contain zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) and should be waterproof with min SPF 30. As cats and dogs tend to lick themselves, such ingredients are toxic for them when ingested. Moreover, it is ideal to try a patch test over your pet to look for an allergic reaction. Apply sunscreen on the areas directly exposed, such as nose, ears, area around lips and legs, and look for your pets that after you apply sunscreen, they don’t lick themselves for about 10-15 minutes.

Plan Your Walking Hours

If you go for a daily walk with your pet, you should walk in the early morning or the evening. When going for a walk, keep water for yourself and your pet and prioritize taking breaks in the shade.

Keep Their Paws Cool

Try to keep your pet’s paws cool as much as you can. The heat and cold travel from their paws, so if you are going out in summer, keep your pets off the hot surfaces like roads and cemented footpaths.  The hot surface can burn their paws or can raise their temperature. If you are going out, spray their paws or keep a wet towel with you. You can also buy shoes for them if you live somewhere in a sweltering climate.

Identify The Symptoms of Heatstroke

Animals do not sweat as we do. They either drink a lot of water when they are dehydrated, or they pant. It is essential to know the optimum temperature range of your pets. For instance, the dog’s average temperature is from 100-103F, and the cat’s normal temperature is 100.4-102.5F. If you notice that your pet’s temperature is higher than this, then it is in danger. So some of the other symptoms include:

  • Dry gums
  • Heavy panting
  • Diarrhea
  • Thick drool

Right Food

In summer, try to give them food that has more liquid content in it. If your pet likes fruits or veggies, give them those with a high level of water. It will help neutralize their body temperature, dehydration, and excessive thirst. Cucumber, watermelon, curds with rice, banana are good food for them in summers. Avoid high sugar-containing food like ice cream.


No matter which animal you choose to keep, taking care of should be your priority. If you cannot take care of your pets and provide proper attention, it is better not to have one. As they are also part of your family after adoption, emotional negligence can profoundly affect their psychological behavior. Hence, it is necessary to treat them with compassion and the utmost care to keep them healthy and fit.

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