Signs You are Spoiling your Dog

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Spoiling a dog is not bad if it proves good for your dog’s health, but if this behavior starts negatively affecting you or your dog, you need to STOP

By guest blogger, Muhammad Mohsin

Dogs are adored and loved by every dog owner, which results in spoiling the dog without even knowing. Spoiling a dog is not bad if it is proving good for health, but if this behavior negatively affects the dog’s health, you must stop from such activities.

Sign You are Spoiling Your Dog and How to Stop

There are multiple signs which show that you are spoiling your little pal, so you must follow some tips to control these activities.

1: Feeding Human Food

If your dog prefers to eat the food you eat and doesn’t like his dog food, that means he is spoiled, and you have to stop doing that. Human food can affect your dog’s health, and due to this reason, you must avoid giving your food to your little canine friend.

Instead, put some dog food along with your food in the dog’s bowl and praise him while he eats. And with time, decrease the amount of human food in the bowl; a time will come when the dog starts eating his dog food solely without demanding part of your food.

2: Buying a Huge Bed for your Little Pal

Every dog owner loves to provide a comfortable sleeping place for his dog, and due to this reason, they go for a huge-sized bed. Well, this is a wrong approach; you must go for a bed that suits your dog’s size.

And if you have a heavy chewer, you must go for an untearable dog bed manufactured from high-quality chew-proof material. Plus, if your dog has a habit of sleeping with you, encourage him to go to his bed by offering him a treat.

3: Too much Treats for Dog

According to veterinarians, a healthy treat consists of 10 percent of the daily meal. But multiple dog owners give their dogs handfuls of treats every day. It is an act of love, but this could lead to spoiling the dog, and once a dog becomes habitual to eating a lot of treats daily, he won’t want to stop.

Plus, a large number of sweets can result in weight gain and other health issues. So, it is recommended only to give a treat when your dog obeys you.

4: You don’t stop him from Bad Behavior

According to research, a dog continues to behave in the same way if you reward him, and in the same way, he performs the same actions if you don’t stop him. So, if your dog jumps on a new person he sees and you don’t stop him from doing this, he will continue to do so.

Thus, it is recommended to rebuke your dog whenever he does something wrong or behaves in a bad way. If you don’t stop him, he will continue to practice the same behavior, which eventually makes him an ill-mannered and stubborn dog.

5: You Always Keep your Dog Near you

Taking your dog everywhere and keeping him by your side is an adorable act, but it can cause separation anxiety in the dog. It can also build a sense of independence, and your dog won’t feel happy without you. So, it is recommended to give some time alone to your dog, and he won’t feel dependent on you.

Final Verdict

Excess of everything is bad.  Keeping that in mind, bad behaviors could lead to a spoiled and stubborn dog. And if you have a spoiled dog, you must follow the above-mentioned tips to make your little pal a well-behaved dog. Plus, it is recommended to behave and act in an appropriate way to raise a well-mannered dog.

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