Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Dog

Keeping your dog clean and well-brushed is one of the ways to ensure his happiness and health.

Here are some grooming tips and some other simple techniques to take care of your dog which is given by Smart Dog Lover.

The right way to keep your dog’s coat groomed


·       When brushing a long-haired dog, hold the hair down at the roots, so that you do not pull the skin.

·       Do not pull the knots, but work patiently.

·       Use a wide flat steel comb when the detangling brush fails.

·       A combing comb with blades can be useful for separating intermingled hairs. Also, cutting the hair vertically with scissors and brush.

·       Short hairs are easier to maintain than long hairs, but they can become intermingled.

·       Use a detangling brush to remove the knots.

·       Use long strokes of brush along the body and on the tail.

·       Then brush the entire coat, not forgetting the tail and legs, with a bristle brush to remove dirt and dead hair.

·       Use a fine comb in the light hairs on the paws and tail.


·       Bath time should not be a problem!

·       Always brush your dog before putting it in the bath and check his feet for grass seeds. Bathe it only when it is dirty or when it needs flea treatment. Excessive cleaning may leave the skin dry and flaking. Use a mild shampoo or product designed for a specific problem such as fleas or skin disease.

·       Put a rubber mat in the bath, so your dog does not slip.

·       Use lukewarm water to wet from neck to tail.

·       Wash the hind legs, tail, and buttocks, then the body, chest, and front legs.

·       Wet your head thoroughly, then wash with shampoo, covering your dog’s ears and eyes to protect them from moss.

·       Check for wax in the ears, which may indicate the presence of mites or an allergy.

·       Rinse until the water is clear: the head, face and ears, then the body, thighs and tail, and finally the belly.

·       Wrap the dog in a towel to absorb excess water, then dry it from head to tail.

·       Use a dryer set at a low temperature, taking care not to hold it too close to the dog.

The right way to keep your dog’s nails trimmed

·       Cut the claws safely

·       A dog’s nails are softer after a bath, so it’s a good time to cut them when necessary.

·       Most dogs have nails naturally facing down. Use a dog nail clipper to cut the nails diagonally, removing no more than a few millimeters (1/8 inch). Gently smooth the rough edges with a nail file or sandpaper.

·       Take great care not to cut the nails too close to the pink area inside the nail; it is living tissue with blood vessels and nerves.


It is essential to take care of your dog. Keep these tips in mind and create a comfortable environment for your favorite pet!

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