Snappy Trainer has been around for a long time and they are still one of the safest, effective and inexpensive training product

By Laura Pakis, Cynologist, Certified Dog Trainer and Professional Blogger, 

When you’ve been training as long as I have, it’s just natural to discover tried and true methods for correcting unwanted behavior. For countersurfing I’ve found the Snappy Trainer to be the perfect tool.

It looks like a mouse trap but has a large red plastic flap about 6 x 4 inches that snaps shut to make a loud slapping noise. It doesn’t hurt your pet; it startles them. And the best part is they work even when you are not around.

The current ones are not as thick as the older style I used some 20 years ago but they are still very effective. Being thinner actually makes it easier to trim the plastic along the size cut marks if you need to adjust the paddle to the size of your pet.


Set and place several Snappy Trainers on the area to be protected. When the pet misbehaves and touches or bumps the Snappy Trainer, the large paddle lifts it quickly into the air and makes a loud snapping sound. The combination of the sound and the fast-moving paddle startles the pet, discouraging them from repeating the behavior. The quick snapping action is designed to startle, not harm, and is safe for puppies, cats, rabbits and is effective with large breeds of dogs.

Our testing found they work best on dogs that are easily corrected and dogs larger than Cocker Spaniels.

We were surprised to learn the Snappy Trainers (when used in multiples) solved other behavior issues such as stealing shoes from the closet and setting a boundary to areas of the house (pantry, upstairs, formal living room, baby’s room, etc.).


The Snappy Trainer corrects the pet at the exact moment they misbehave, which is the most effective time to correct the undesired behavior.


• It’s inexpensive – a pack of three Snappy Trainers is under $16.00.
• They are easy to wash
• No training knowledge is required, although it helps to teach your dog UP and OFF as well as LEAVE IT and TAKE
• It’s effective – the pet’s behavior is corrected the instant they misbehave.
• It’s humane – the pet is not harmed or shocked.
• It requires a minimal time commitment from the pet owner – easy and fast to set up.
• It’s space efficient – works in small places like chairs, spaces on countertops, etc.
• It works in the absence of the owner.


There is a learning curve when you first try to set the trap since the instructions aren’t very clear.
A couple of our clients thought there should be a better way to attach the plastic flapper to the trap.
Although very rare, some dogs may become oversensitive to going in the area where the Snappy Trainer was.  Usually they will return to normal after 3 weeks or so.


Snappy Trainers are one of the safest, most effective, inexpensive training product we know of. They are versatile in correcting a variety of unwanted behaviors such as getting into the trash, jumping on furniture and digging. The dog learns quickly that the behavior is not desirable to continue.

Acme Canine gives Snappy Trainers 4 paws up!

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