Some more thoughts on Plexidor

Now that we’ve had the Plexidor for a while we’ve noticed a couple of things about the door:

One is that it is difficult to keep clean with all us dogs running in and out.  Some of the staff think a frosted glass might work better.

Also with this hot weather and sun shine, the metal gets really hot.  Don’t know what can be done to help this.  Autumn suggested a durable plastic alternative.

We also noticed the installation seems off. The flat end of the cut metal sticks out on the exterior of the building.  Us dogs are careful and the guy who installed the door put silicone around the edges to line them so it wouldn’t cut anyone, but shouldn’t this be under the metal border as it is on the interior of the building?

It’s definitely something for the boss to talk with the Plexidor folks about.

 That’s all for now.  I need to head outside and take a dip in the pool.

Also want you to know I am blogging on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network and Plexidor.   Dog biscuits aren’t cheap, you know.  I received compensation for my time from Plexidor for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine.