Spring Tune Up for your dog: time to refresh their commands

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Have you noticed your dog’s manners suffering? You haven’t given a command to your dog in months, and now you’re wondering why he isn’t listening.

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Cynoogist

Owning a dog isn’t much fun when your dog listens poorly. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for that.  What should any self-respecting dog owner do? Well, you can work it out yourself and have some brilliant moments intermixed with periods of frustration, or you can contact your dog pro to work with you on a “Spring Tune-Up.” In less than an hour, your dog will be responding to you.

Wonderful! Owning a dog can be fun.

I highly recommend this, especially to those of you who haven’t been working with your dog. A one-hour session with any well-educated dog pro is the best investment you’ll make in your dog. Just tell him or her that you want a spring tune-up.  You want to make sure that all is right as you begin walking or walking more. There were no major overhauls, no new commands, to get you back to the basics, where you were when winter came along and pushed you into hibernation. A good one-hour session with a dog trainer costs about the same or less than a dinner out, drinks, and a movie. And it will make your dog so much more enjoyable to be with. You won’t believe it.

Dog training professionals have a trained eye and the tools they need to get you and your dog “right.” Whether your New Year goals are to have a well-mannered dog, stop him from consistently pulling on the leash, or achieve therapy certification, a little help from your dog training professional will get you there much more quickly and surely than all the magazines and books, videos and TV shows you could ever absorb.

Call your dog professional today and tell them you want some help. Not a complete overhaul, but a spring tune-up to get things right. And if you are serious about a truly well-behaved dog, talk to your pro about a series of lessons to get you there.

One last word – all dog training professionals are not equal. Some are better communicators than others, and some will mesh with your personality style better than others. If you go to one and don’t get a good value from experience, check out others until you find the best for you and your dog.

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