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Volunteer to gather signatures for Stop Puppy Mills Ohio

By Guest Blogger, Meredith Blanchard

As you are reading this, tens of thousands of dogs are suffering in Ohio puppy mills. These dogs spend every minute in tiny, stacked, wire cages, without proper veterinary care, exercise, or socialization with people, and are repeatedly bred until their bodies give out, all so their puppies can be sold for top dollar in pet stores across the country. Worst of all, it is completely legal.

Ohio is America’s second largest puppy mill state

Ohio is America’s second largest puppy mill state according to the Humane Society of the United States. These large-scale breeding facilities are considered by the Humane Society to put profit above animal welfare, housing dogs in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions, and breeding females with little recovery time.  Ohio’s lawmakers have made several attempts over the years to address the issue of abhorrent, unregulated puppy mills, but failed to end the abusive and inhumane animal trade they perpetuate.

How you can help

Humane Societies all over Ohio are banding together to help stop the prolific number of puppy mills that have popped up across the state. You can help end this cruelty by volunteering for Stop Puppy Mills Ohio, a grassroots campaign collecting signatures to get the Ohio Puppy Mill Prevention Amendment on this November’s 2018 ballot. If passed, this amendment will drastically improve the lives of breeding dogs who have never known an act of love or kindness. Let’s make it happen, for them. Volunteer for Stop Puppy Mills Ohio.

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