5 tips to stop your dog from barking from a dog’s perspective

Excessive barking can be a bit of a problem.  Here are some tips to stop it.

By Guest Dog Blogger, Penny

We dogs bark for many reasons.  Mainly to communicate with humans, warning them of potential dangers, or protecting them from harm.  Excessive barking, however, can be a bit of a problem involving dog behavior.  We can sometimes get pretty out of hand with barking and need to learn when to bark and when not to bark.

Please don’t leave this up to us…we like to bark, so it’s the responsibility of our owner to teach us when our barking is appropriate and when it isn’t.  Remember, we’re dogs living in your world with your set of rules, not ours, so we need to be taught.

Training us to bark at appropriate times needs to be done as soon as possible since it will become a pattern.  The longer you wait to train us, the harder it will be to curb the excessive barking.

here are a few ways to prevent excessive barking:

  • Don’t comfort or reward us when we are barking out of anxiety or wanting attention.  That would be encouraging the bad barking behavior rather than discouraging it.
  • If possible, don’t leave us alone for long periods of time.  This allows us to behave like dogs, and most of our behaviors are pretty weird to humans.
  • Please don’t shout at us.  We don’t know all the words you are saying and are looking at your body language, and the sounds you make just make us more excited and want to bark with you.
  • Use a command such as “sit” to re-focus our attention on the command.  But make sure you enforce the command, or you’re just letting us know that you are not a very good pack leader.
  • Never let us constantly bark outside.  Not only will this make enemies of your neighbors, but it also may have the local police knocking on your door.
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