3 Incredible Ways to Teach Your Dog Where to Eliminate

You can make pickup easier by teaching your dog where to eliminate

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and Blogger,

Teach your dog to eliminate at home

Though you need to always be ready to pick up on outings and walks, many dogs will learn to relieve themselves at home before and after walks if consistently given the chance. That saves you having to carry it home.

Control your dog from marking on walks

Keeping the elimination to certain areas can help the dog be more social on outings, too. Some dogs will defend the territory they have marked by urinating and defecating. Getting your dog to do this at home instead of on your walk can have a positive effect on the dog’s attitude toward other dogs and people on walks.

Train your dog to eliminate on cue

If your outings are long and the dog needs to eliminate before you get back home, you may be able to teach your dog to eliminate on cue. Dogs vary in how their bodies work for elimination. Some will be so stimulated by exercise that they simply must move their bowels on every walk. This is just the way they are made, not a training issue.

A great book to assist you with training your dog when and where to eliminate is ELIMINATE ON-COMMAND by Dr. M.L. Smith. It takes about 10 days to have a dog eliminate by giving it the Potty command.


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