Why Teach Your Dog an Elimination Command

You can make pick up of your dog’s waste easier by teaching your dog to eliminate on command

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Cynologist

When it comes to potty training, you can teach a dog to eliminate when given the word. Though you need to be ready to pick up on outings and walks, many dogs will learn to relieve themselves at home before and after walks if consistently given a chance. In fact, they can learn to relieve themself in a specific area of your yard, thereby preventing lawn burn and ‘landmines’ in your yard.

Teach your dog to eliminate at home

Hate accidentally stepping in a pile of waste?  By designating an area of your yard, you not only stop this from happening but are also able to keep the elimination area clean and sanitized, which prevents any disease or parasites from spreading.  Keeping your dog’s eliminations to certain areas in your yard can also help them be more social on outings.

Train your dog to eliminate on cue

Some dogs will defend the territory they have marked by urinating and defecating. Getting your dog to do this at home instead of on your walk can positively affect the dog’s attitude toward other dogs and people on walks.  Teaching your dog an elimination command also provides the catalyst to where your dog relieves itself.  Your neighbors will appreciate this.

Final Note

Dogs vary in how their bodies work for elimination. Some will be so stimulated by exercise that they must move their bowels on every walk. This is just how they are made, but you can still train them where and when to urinate.  This is great when traveling with your dog and you’re at a rest stop or need them to try to relieve their bladders.  It also helps immensely with potty training.

Teaching the ‘Go Potty’ command takes about 10 days, but this command’s advantages last a lifetime.

A great book to assist you with training your dog when and where to eliminate is ELIMINATE ON-COMMAND by Dr. M.L. Smith.

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