Thanksgiving Dog Behavior; is it on vacation? Part I

by Guest Dog Blogger Spike

Thanksgiving is approaching but have you planned for us four-legged members of the family? Think about it from our point of view. Life is pretty predictable, until Thanksgiving. All of a sudden you are home more and there are more people in the house. On top of that, there is that smell. That delicious, mouth-watering, can’t wait to get hold of that turkey smell. You know the smell! It’s why you humans say you have to taste test the bird.

From our point of view, everything just changed. So, sometimes our dog behavior can seem to go on vacation too. Want to know how to help us the most?

First, keep our routine if you can. Let us out, or take us for a walk as usual. Feed us at the usual time. Just as much as possible, keep our routine the same. Then we can handle the other changes much better. You keeping our routine the same helps us know our behavior isn’t on vacation.

Another thing you can help us with. You know all those extra people? Teach them how to be around us, please! Tell the little girls not to keep trying to hug us and tell people to watch where they walk. Please, please, do not leave us alone with little children. We like them, but they sometimes stress us out. When we get stressed out, make sure we have a place to hide. Sometimes we just need some me time, just like you do.

All those extra people don’t always keep the door closed either. While we don’t want to leave you, we might get curious and wander out that open door. So, please tell your company to keep the door closed.

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