Thanksgiving Dog Behavior. Part II


By Guest Dog Blogger, Spike

Thought I would give you one more piece of advice about our dog behavior at Thanksgiving. We’ve talked about the extra people and that delicious turkey smell. But what about after the meal?

Let’s say everything went great. You explained to people about the extra hugging and watching out for me. You kept the turkey safe. But what about what you throw away?

Look at it from our perspective. That delicious, have to have it turkey smell is now in a plastic bag waiting by the door. Oh my, can’t wait to get into that bag. I couldn’t reach the turkey, but that bag is right where I can reach. So, I tear into it to find that delicious smell.

But, what do I find? I find string, napkins, plastic forks, foil, and a pop up timer that was in the turkey. They all smell like that turkey. They have that smell that makes us drool. But, they taste funny. They also feel funny going down. Why did you humans enjoy eating this so much? We are usually on our best dog behavior, but that smell ….

You see, the problem is, we use our noses and think we are eating that turkey. But, we might eat things that hurt us. Those things in the trash might mean we all end up at the vets around midnight.

So, please protect us. When you have Thanksgiving trash that has all that stuff, please take it out to the garbage can right away. Don’t leave it to tempt us.

This is the last of my Thanksgiving tips.


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