The art and science of dog training

Dog Training is constantly evolving. There is both an “ART” and a “SCIENCE” of training. The ‘art’ component evolves from the ability to communicate effectively to both the same species (the owners) and the foreign one (the dog). It looks a bit like magic when you see it transform a dog from an obnoxious liability to a calm, controllable and loving companion. The competent trainer’s ability to get his ‘information’ across to the dog is the ‘magic’ part. Transforming that information into a salient image for the owners requires knowledge and skill. This is difficult to accomplish in a group class setting.

The Dog Dance

To an untrained eye, dog training looks easy when they watch the ‘dance’ between handler and animal. What it actually is portraying is the skill and knowledge amassed over many years and many dogs. Not just the puppies, but the adults too. The dangerous ones and the easy ones. Each dog is an equal contributor to a professional trainers’ skills and education. There have been many new things learned about animal behavior, dogs in particular. Why do dogs do what they do? A Certified Professional Trainer not only understands why, but is intuitive to the necessary changes that need to occur in order to intervene, avert and ultimately eliminate inappropriate behaviors.

A professional trainer has a genuine interest and concern for the improvement of the mental and physical well-being of dogs. One of the most valuable skills a professional trainer has is their ability to utilize their techniques specific for the dog they are training. Training techniques should be based on evaluating the personality of the dog and the needs of its owner. From this a trainer can offer direction on raising that type, breed and temperament of puppy and later formulate an appropriate training program to successfully train the dog and educate it’s owners in handling and modifying their dog’s behavior.


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