The Best Dog Leash Lights

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If ever you’re after an exercise accountability buddy, you should get a dog. A leash in hand goes hand-in-hand with dog ownership, and you should be walking your buddy at least once a day*. Sometimes, life gets in the way, and you won’t be able to walk your buddy until twilight. Other times, your dog is a firecracker that needs more than one walking sesh per day—and the only other time you can slot them in is at dusk. This may especially be the case with larger dog breeds, which typically require one to two hours of exercise per day. On the other hand, maybe you and your doggy are camping buddies who often hike together after dark.

Whatever the case, as a dog owner, you will find yourself on that inevitable twilight stroll at least once. When it happens, you’ll need visibility on your side. Here are some of the best dog leash lights on the market.

(*Please note it is possible to overexert your dog, but that is a separate article. Key takeaway: dogs need between half an hour to two hours of exercise per day, but size and breed will determine how much.) 

Clip-on LED light

Did you ever use one of those heavy-duty combination locks in high school? Clip-on LED lights are shaped a bit like these. It isn’t too surprising, either, because they can attach to your dog’s collar, harness, or leash loop in the same way combination locks fit through those holes built into lockers or locker handles. (Have you ever had to describe those holes to anyone before? Their composition is actually really difficult to explain!)

Image: Stylish Hound

Clip-on LED lights and combination locks, however, end their similarity there. These lights are neither heavy nor something you fiddle with before finally cracking a combination. They do exactly what it says on the tin: clip on and provide LED light. Choose the right brand and your light will be waterproof with up to 100 hours of battery life! You can also choose if you want your light display flashing or to remain static.

LED dog leash

Then again, why bother fiddling with any clip-on mechanism at all when you can just use a leash of pure light? It sounds like something out of a fairy tale, but these leashes have a light-to-body ratio on par with that of a firefly. These leashes come with rechargeable battery packs and charge via a USB port. Once fully charged, they give five hours’ worth of battery life. Whilst this isn’t anywhere near the 100 inherent to the above clip-on LED light, it’s more than enough for one—and maybe even two—long walks. Pair these with a light-up collar for that extra bit of visibility.

LED safety light

Imagine several LED lights shining at you at once. If there’s one too many, they’ll all begin to blur together. That’s kinda what it’s like differentiating between the many types of LED lights. Hopefully, this post is not becoming blurry and you can still distinguish the differences between each type! LED safety lights are multi-purpose. You probably know them best from bicycles. If you like, detach it from your bicycle and fasten it to your dog’s leash using its clip. Like many LED lights, these ones are available in different colors! This makes a lot of sense, as safety lights tend to come in bright colors to grab attention in high-stake or emergency situations.

Kinda like that but on a dog’s leash.


Clip-on LED light: moon edition

Let’s finish with a lunar twist on the light that kicked this all off. If you dig moonglow over safety lighting—and when we put it that way, who wouldn’t?—there is a clip-on LED light available resembling the very thing that regulates the Earth’s calendar, seasons, and tides. This variant clips onto your dog’s collar or lead loop like a little moonbeam. It’s water-resistant and eye-catching, and it can also flash and flicker like a star. This isn’t the largest dog leash light in the world, but it’s a nice little touch that will still grab your attention. Perhaps it will inspire star-gazing.

This little light of mine…

…you’re gonna let it shine? We hope so, for your dog’s safety and optimal visibility in darker conditions. These dog leash lights can help you spot your dog faster, and you will be grateful for them should they come loose of your lead. It also protects them from other humans and hazards, such as oncoming traffic. A bright dog leash light may give drivers the warning they need to slow down should your pooch be crossing a dark road (with or without you).

Dog leash lights are the safety feature you didn’t realize you needed. Try some on for size, see how they sit with your doggo, and do go boldly into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light (or fight dying light with light, as the case may be).

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