The Best Puppy Toys That Will Keep Your Pup Entertained and Out of Trouble—Hopefully!

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Ah, the puppy years—I remember them fondly. I had lots of great toys (and still do). But I’ve heard humans talking and although they say it’s a lot of fun buying toys, apparently, it can also sometimes be quite a challenge trying to choose the best puppy toys—there’s just so many out there to pick from! But, you need to remember that it’s very important to select toys that are sturdy, safe and will endure the punishment of your puppy’s needle-like teeth.

So how do you pick the best puppy toys?

That’s where I come in! I’m going to share with you the list of great puppy toys that are out there today. I’ve tried some of these out personally and the ones I haven’t tried, my canine friends have—so I know they’re good quality toys!

Good Teething Toys

All puppies love to chew and this is a normal part of being a dog. Heck, even adult dogs like to get our teeth on a good bone or toy once in a while—I know I do!

When your puppy’s between three and seven months old you should be prepared for the teething phase. Just like human babies, pups need some sort of toy to bite on to help soothe the pain in their gums or relieve discomfort.

When you’re talking about teething toys, there are many excellent selections; but you need to choose only toy styles that are well-made from respectable manufacturers. Cheap toys that are inadequately made with inferior materials could rip, splinter, or break apart and this is very harmful to your puppy. You certainly don’t want your pup choking on or swallowing part of the toy; if it were swallowed, the piece could get stuck in their intestines somewhere or worse, if it’s sharp, it could cut into the intestines or stomach. That wouldn’t be good at all and would mean a trip to “The Vet”! So, for this stage of development and age I’d recommend the following toys from these companies. There’s something for every breed, size and even every budget.

Kong – This famous company has been creating toys since the 1970’s and is known for making the strongest toys anywhere. They don’t just make rubber toys now they use other materials such as fleece, canvas and rope. Their line of puppy toys is for pups up to nine months old. The rubber used to make these toys is a bit softer and it’ll provide the firm pressure that your puppy needs for his painful gums but not so hard that it’ll hurt. The toys can be filled with specially created treats or flavored paste; if you decide to use a paste, try putting the stuffed Kong in the freezer overnight or for a couple of hours. Your pup will really enjoy that! Here are a few great choices for Kong teething toys: Puppy Kong Toy, Puppy Binkie Dog Toy, Goodie Bone with Rope Toy, Puppy Flyer Toy, Teething Stick and Puppy Goodie Bone.

Petstages, Inc. – They are the leading company in fun, colorful and innovative toys for development. Their toys will carry a dog from puppyhood right through to senior life. This company has been making great lasting, safe toys since 1999 and the puppy toys help sore gums with cooling features or flexible, but firm pressure. Here’s just a small sample of toys you can buy through this company: Mini Orka Pine Cone Toy, Cool Teething Stick, Orka Dental Links, Mini Barbell Chew, Rag Rope Ball, Mini Orka Ball with Rope, Puppy Cool Teether, Mini Orka Bone, Orka Mini Chew, Soft Toss Ring, Orka Chew and Orka Tire Chew Toy.

Nylabone – Would you believe this award-winning company has been making sturdy, safe dog toys for over a half century? Wow! I should also mention that they have the biggest selection of toys than any other company—that’s music to a dog’s ears! Their selection of teething toys will definitely keep your pup happy, safe and busy for hours! They use a wide variety of materials with different textures and the toy will aid the puppy’s hurting gums and also encourage them to chew on the toy and not your favorite slippers. These Nylabone teething toys are available in all sorts of sizes and their flavored teething toys have a range of great flavors to choose from. Try purchasing a few of these for your pup: Teething Rings, Teething Keys, Chew Toy Starter Kit, Rubber Chew Toy Play Pack, Teething Pacifier, Puppyfish Flexible Chew Toy, Puppystix Chew Toy and Teething Star.

All Occasion Puppy Toys

Besides all those chew toys that are created for puppies in the teething stage, there are other numerous wonderful toys available that will ensure you have a puppy that’s active and happy—and hopefully staying out of trouble! There’s nothing worse than being scolded by your owner. Every puppy, no matter how big or small will be able to have a durable, safe toy such as ropes, balls and soft toys. I’m sure you can find something that both you and your pup will agree on!

Ball Toys – These toys are great for any age canine—and they’ll even endure your puppy’s persistent chewing. Try these four fun balls: Petstages Orka Tennis Ball, StarMark Everlasting Fun Ball, Kong Activity Ball Puppy Toy and Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Soccer Ball.

Soft Toys – When I was a pup, I just adored soft toys! I’ve heard that there aren’t many puppies that don’t love them; but I guess it can be difficult to locate soft toys that are made to handle the abusiveness of a puppy. With these styles of toys, however, remember that safety is of the utmost importance. You’ll need to look over these toys frequently for loose pieces, ripped seams or squeakers that have become displaced. If you find any damage of this kind on these soft toys, be sure to remove them from your puppy’s toy box. Here are some toys that your pup will have fun with time after time and also is a good value for your money: Kong Cozie Elmer the Elephant, Petstages Just for Fun No Stuffing Monkey, GoDog Dragon Toy with Chew Guard and Tuffy’s Larry Lobster Sea Creature.

Rope Toys – A good rope toy that’s well-made should be long-lasting and strong; they have that rough texture that puppies just love—and adult dogs, like me, do too! Many owners like them because they keep our teeth tartar-free and clean. Here are four rope toys that are good for your pup: Kong Dental with Rope, Multipet Nuts for Knots Heavy Duty Rope with Tug, Booda Fresh N Floss 3 Knot Tug Rope and Ethical Moppets Monkey Dog Toy.

Obviously, I’ve just given you a small sample of the enormous variety of what’s out there to choose from online and in stores. But at least now you know what types of toys your puppy will like and what types are the safest to buy.

If I were a human, I’d buy a few toys from each type and make up two or three groups of various toys and change them out every couple of days. Of course, I guess how many toys you can buy depends how much of that green stuff you have—it seems like that makes a difference in the human world. Anyway, pups get bored playing with the same toys all the time—just like human babies do. So try giving your pup three or four toys in every group and then switch that group for another group repeatedly. Your puppy will—or should—show more interest in his toys than in your shoes or furniture, which, from what I’ve learned, is a good thing!

If you need any kind of assistance with puppy toys, please contact us. My human friends here at Acme Canine will be happy to help!

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