The best thing for your dog–OBEDIENCE

If your dog matters to you, then teaching him obedience is a no brainer

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger

It is probably a safe assumption that for anyone taking the time from their busy schedule to read this; your dog matters to you. Very few dog owners realize the importance of obedience and how it helps prevent behavior problems. It is also important to understand that dog training is not simply a “dollars and cents” formula, but rather a combination of money, time, energy and ability.

Know what is required prior to training

To get the true value of a canine training service, one has to have a clear idea of what is required. For each person, how their dog is now and how it will be once trained, offers a unique understanding of “training.” Once you as the dog owner begin the training process, the outcome you seek may change or grow but every goal has to begin with a vision of something.

Training packages are not all the same

Look for training packages designed to teach owners and their dogs at different levels. You want a trainer who will help you with your dog’s bond and behaviors through all life-stages of their canine relationship, from potential ownership to throughout the dog’s life. This includes behavior modification, training and coaching to facilitate better communication and a strong life-long bond.

Training a dog requires a team and homework

In order for any program to be successful, it is imperative for you to work at home to change patterns and behaviors as instructed by the trainer. Your willingness and ability to follow your trainer’s instructions is essential for success. You must be motivated and consistent in working with your dog for our program to be effective. Practicing daily a minimum of 15 minutes at home as well as utilizing the commands included in our program in everyday living is crucial in achieving complete on and off-leash control.

The time and energy you invest will determine how much you and your dog are able to accomplish —-a small outlay to reap benefits and rewards for many years.

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