The Best Vacation Destinations for Couples With a Dog

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Europe is known for being one of the most welcoming pet destinations in the world. But how can a dog enhance your journey with a partner?

What is missing from your current existence? Maybe you need to explore your family’s heritage in a foreign country or be a tourist to escape your busy life! If you’re searching for new meaning, submerging yourself in a new culture or getting a change of scenery will inspire you. If you could place your finger anywhere on the map, where would you go?

It takes months or years to save up resources for international travel, but when the date finally arrives, you will have a range of diverse experiences you’ll never forget.

Venturing out into the world is important, especially as pandemic scares start to subside. People want to return to a new normal, so they look to the future and create a new adventure. It’s fun to create fond memories to share with friends and family for years to come, especially if you can bring your friend and your pet along. Fortunately, Europe is known for being one of the most welcoming pet destinations in the world.

How can a dog enhance your journey with a partner?

We know how much you love your dog. He or she is a treasured family member, but you also want to invest in quality time with your significant other. How can you enjoy your next vacation while considering everyone’s needs? When you’re madly in love with your partner, think exotic when planning a trip. Each excursion provides excellent opportunities to laugh, learn more about each other, and relax from everyday influences. Through repeated interactions, you and your partner develop a deeper bond and maybe plan your future. There are also times to spend apart while traveling and allow for personal reflection. With a dog coming along for the ride, give yourself extra planning time. Still, the result of experiencing another country and culture with the two most important souls in your life can be unique and immensely satisfying.

Important Things to Know When Traveling with a Dog

As a dog owner, you hold important responsibilities to care for your pooch while visiting new destinations. It’s normal to pack food and comfort items, but you also want to contain Fido while sightseeing with your romantic partner. Prior planning helps avoid instances where your dog disturbs other guests or damages private accommodations. Look for pet-friendly resorts and private residences on AirBnB as cost-saving options.

When going abroad, bear in mind that some countries make pet travel easier than others. Not researching the details in advance will result in extra delays and unforeseen costs, putting a damper on the trip. Many couples from this site recommend reading important rules before traveling together with your pet so that nothing can ruin your vacation.

  • Complete your veterinary appointment done weeks ahead of the trip. This is your chance to get the dog’s shots, replenish medicines and flea treatments, and get all paperwork for travel.
  • Purchase a crate that will transport your dog safely on mass transit, including airplanes, trains, and passenger vehicles.
  • Research which countries and resorts will not allow pets, so you won’t book non-refundable accommodations or entertainment tickets in those destinations.
  • Pack extra water and a collapsible container in your luggage. Keep backup water supplies so your pet will always feel hydrated, especially in the summer.

Check Out These Dog-Friendly Countries for a Great Trip


Italy is a member of the EU and requires a valid veterinary certificate for your cat or dog. Obtain this certificate from your local vet. Ensure all animals have had a current rabies shot. It is also recommended to have your pet microchipped. If the pet is lost, then a local authority can scan the pet. When you arrive, go and see the Como Lake and Toscana fields for fantastic landscapes and ultimate playgrounds for your pup.


Try taking their training course for pet travel. Anticipate that local authorities will want to inspect your pet’s condition before allowing entry. This country does not want your pet to have docked ears or tails. If you’re not looking for an alpine vacation, visit Zurich, a merchant center located on the scenic Limmat River. There are mountains, lakes, and streams nearby for outdoor recreation.

The Netherlands

Holland is a beautiful country that has very open-minded people and tourist-friendly destinations. It is known for scenic biking routes and its red-light districts as well. While the most famous tourist destinations in Amsterdam, such as the home of Anne Frank, who died in the Holocaust along with her family, or see the Vincent Van Gogh Museum aren’t pet-friendly, you can always take your pup and partner for an evening stroll across the canals.


This European country is beautifully preserved and welcoming to tourists with pets. A must-see is Drottningholm Palace due to its extensive grounds and ornate manicured landscapes. This property and other castles and estates are easily accessible from Stockholm, the capital city.


It’s not in Europe, but some say it is the most beautiful country globally so that it couldn’t miss our list. Step into another world in the Far East. Tokyo is the capital many knew about and dreamed of visiting. Still, billions learned about during the recent Olympics that never happened (to the day this article was written, at least). A great way to view this ancient city quickly because it is packed with walkers, bikers, and bus riders is a helicopter tour, and yes, some companies let you bring your dog along! This excursion helps you narrow your list of sites to see during your stay, including ancient temples and places of significance. There are also boat trips to neighboring islands in Japan.


Walking around with your pet in the Old Quarter gives a glimpse into what it would have been like hundreds of years ago before historic buildings were destroyed. Stop into its Notre Dame Cathedral or amble the cobbled streets and sample the fares at random cafes. Take your pet on a day trip to see Vianden Castle and the Victor Hugo Museum; even from the outside, the sight is marvelous.

 Final Note

Traveling with the dog and your partner is a challenge. You have to accommodate the needs of two, not one; look which locations are dog-friendly and which are not. Yet when you experience something as great as sharing your memories about seeing the greatest wonders of the Earth and sharing the joy with your loved one and having your best furry friend along, it is all worth it.

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