The Lazy Man’s Guide to Grooming Tables

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One of the most vital considerations when purchasing a grooming table is its purpose.

By Guest Blogger, Emma Anderson

Grooming pets and leaving them clean, happy, and handsome requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Apart from this, you also need several vital grooming equipment.  Ask any professional groomer about the single most important grooming equipment, and the majority of them would agree that it is the grooming tables.

But just like every other grooming equipment, the tables also need careful selection. If you don’t want to spend several days learning about grooming tables, here is a simple guide to help you out-

  1. Table Size

One of the most vital considerations when purchasing a grooming table is its purpose. For instance, you might be buying a table for your pet dog or cat you want to groom at home. Maybe, you want a table for a professional grooming facility.

In both cases, the size of the table will matter. If it is a grooming facility that will cater to the grooming needs of pets from different breeds and sizes, consider larger, high-quality tables, preferably with an electric or hydraulic mechanism. For a home purchase, select one as per the size of your dog.

  1. Usage Frequency

The next factor is usage frequency. Needless to say, a home groomer doesn’t need a grooming table that is commonly found in professional grooming facilities. If you have a small to medium-sized dog, you can consider a table with collapsible legs. These tables can help save a lot of space at home.

But note that such collapsible tables are not ideal for larger breeds as they might wobble a lot. Larger tables with electric or hydraulic lifts can be a better choice for larger breeds.

  1. Mobile Grooming

If you’re a professional groomer on wheels, space efficiency will definitely be crucial for you. You can now find foldable grooming tables that are highly space-efficient and very easy to use. They can help save a lot of space in your grooming vehicle while still offering the full functionality of any full-fledged table.

Prefer a folding table with a grooming arm and non-slip surface for the best results. Also, ensure that the table surface is easy to clean and maintain.

Selecting the Best Dog Grooming Table

Grooming tables are a must for grooming facilities as well as home use. This post on Vet Info offers some great insights into how the tables are vital for home grooming too.

Remember the points discussed in this post, and you’re sure to make the right buying decision.

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