The Magic of Dog Training

If you’re a dog owner dealing with dog behavior issues, take heart — you can learn the magic of  dog training

Dogs, by their very being, exhibit numerous behaviors which can be upsetting, or downright problematic, in terms of living with us.  The good news is that  problem behaviors can usually be solved with proper training.  Acme Canine not only understands why, but is intuitive to the necessary changes that need to occur in order to intervene, avert and ultimately eliminate inappropriate behaviors.

There is an “ART” and a “SCIENCE” to training a dog

To a layman, dog training looks a bit like magic as they watch the ‘dance’ between handler and animal.  What actually is occurring is the skill and knowledge amassed over numerous years and thousands of dogs.   Transforming that information into understandable easy to use steps for the owners requires knowledge and skill. This is what Acme Canine does.  We were built on canine knowledge, professionalism and integrity and are happy to share our experience.

Dog training doesn’t need to be difficult, but it does require a commitment. 

Using our gained knowledge of dogs and integrating it into easy to follow steps and tips will help you understand common dog behavior problems and how to solve them.  It looks a bit like magic when you see how you transformed your dog from an intolerable animal to a relaxed, well-behaved and loving companion by only spending a minimum of 15 minutes a day with your dog.

Acme Canine has a genuine interest and concern for the improvement of the mental and physical well-being of dogs

Becoming an Acme Canine Patron will help you correct inappropriate behaviors in your dog.  By following our down to earth, common sense, proven dog training techniques, you will have a training program to successfully train your dog.  And wouldn’t that be enchanting?

 Only $2.00/month to  become a Patron!



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