The Martin and Jack Deeley Scholarship for young dog trainers

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This award was initiated to encourage young people interested in moving into the dog world professions.

The Jack Deeley Memorial fund was established on the death of Martin Deeley’s father, by the Directors of the IACP at that time. Due to the need for parents or guardians to attend with the young person, applications for this this award have been few and it has not been given every year.

This has led to the development of the Martin & Jack Deeley Scholarship Award by the Board in a desire to assist those in the canine world who work within establishments that do not or cannot fund attendance at the IACP Conference. Martin & Jack Deeley Scholarship is a development from the Jack Deeley Memorial Young Pups Award.

This scholarship is presented to a canine operative working in a 501C3 or Government establishment (Canine Shelter and Rescue, Search and Rescue, Police Force, Armed Services etc.) where financial assistance to attend the conference is limited or not available. Martin Deeley’s name has been added in recognition of him as a founder, and his work in establishing and developing the IACP as an Internationally recognized and respected organization for canine professionals worldwide.

Anyone may make donations to the scholarship fund, and our membership renewal forms have a location on them requesting a voluntary $5 or more contribution towards this fund.

The recipient will be given a free admission and lunch to the entire IACP Annual Educational Conference, and up to a $1000.00 stipend toward travel arrangements and hotel expenses.

To apply for this Martin and Jack Deeley Scholarship award:

Proposers or applicants (Minimum age 18 years) should write a short application detailing

  • Why they feel this award would be ideal for the person proposed.
  • The organization the proposed person works for or assists and what it does.
  • What the proposed recipient of the award does within this organization that warrants such an award being given to them.

The recipient will be decided upon from the applications submitted to Executive Director Martin Deeley. Previous winners are not applicable for entry.

Applications must be received by June 8th, 2019.  Result announced by June 22nd, 2019.

Please send all applications/essays to: 

Scholarship Coordinator
Martin Deeley
15549 Vinola Dr.
FL 34756
e-mail also accepted

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