AKA Tomato Shark

Spike here,  I have to admit this time of year I have a real weakness.  Tomatoes.  I started liking them last year when I discovered a delicious red orb peeking through the slats of the fence in the backyard.  I thought it was a ball.  Boy was I happy when it squished and I tasted the tomato.  From that point on I was at the fence waiting for another one to appear.

The boss couldn’t understand why I’d run to the fence whenever I was let us.  I tried to tell her and thought I was obvious by standing on the fence and staring at the vine but you know how humans are, pretty oblivious to the obvious.  So I pulled off a green tomato and immediately was reprimanded for it.  Although ripe tomatoes are ok for us dogs, unripe can cause some problems.  Tomato plants are a member of the Nightshade family and contain tomatine.  Tomatine is found in the leaves, fruit blossoms, and in unripe tomatoes.  Fortunately for me this concentration rapidly decreases as the tomato ripens.

I dreamed about the juicy orb the rest of the season.  Then as luck would have it the boss and our friends were cooking hamburgers on the grill right about this time of year and I spotted a tomato laying on a plate.  This time it was flat with the interior showing but it smelled exactly as I remembered.  I couldn’t resist.  I jumped on the table and ate it.

I was reprimanded for getting on the table but it was worth it.

Since last year I found another plant in the yard and have been standing guard over it whenever I have the chance.  I know soon it will reward me with another delicious juicy orb.  My payment for being a stealthy tomato shark.