The Wishbone – Silicone grip for easily opening dog poop bags

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Don’t struggle with opening waste bags on walks! The Wishbone is a 100% silicone grip that makes opening dog poop bags a breeze.

Acme Canine was asked to review this interesting $6.99 dog product and agreed.  It came in a plastic bag with a carabiner attached and a QR code to a video that shows you how the product can be used.  (You can purchase it on Amazon.)

Ameer, the creator of the product, describes it as below.

  • No more frustration – makes all poop bags easier to open just pinch and rub naturally
  • Hygienic – No need to lick your fingers to open stubborn bags
  • Take it with you – The aluminum carabiner clip makes it easy to attach to a leash or keys
  • Multipurpose – Also great for grocery produce bags
  • Reliable – The wishbone is durable silicone rubber that doesn’t easily rip or tear

Three Acme Canine testers worked with the Wishbone for two weeks and then reported back to Spike’s Dog Blog on their findings.

How it works

Remember during the pandemic being in the grocery store and trying to open a vegetable bag without moistening your fingers?  This product would have been a godsend.

The grip provides traction between the bag and your fingers, just pinch and open the bag by rubbing as you naturally would. You can watch the video to see a demonstration.

Our thoughts on the product


Acme Canine tester, Michael, shared, “It seems to work quite well and I would recommend it for others to use. It does allow for opening the bags without having to wet one’s fingers. However, I do find that attaching the Wishbone to the lead makes it difficult to use. I just have it with the bags and then as I prepare to go out I use the wishbone to open each bag before putting it in my pocket. “

“This is definitely convenient and isn’t too big.  [It] has a clip so I just clip it onto the poop bag holder.  It’s also very easy to use.  Some bags can be tricky so [the Wishbone] definitely comes in handy.  I don’t have to lick my fingers just to open a baggie (which I really like, being a microbiologist made me a germaphobe :),” remarked Bethany, another Acme Canine tester.

Acme Canine found the product to be as described and very useful (it truly can be used at the grocery store).  At $6.99 the cost is a value for such a durable, convenient tool.

We were very pleased with the Wishbone.  The design works perfectly and without much effort and the company described the product appropriately.

Acme Canine gives the Wishbone 4 paws up for a cool helpful tool made by a company that stands behind their product.

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