What to Look for When Considering a Boarding Facility for Your Dog

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By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger

Times occur in your busy life when you need to leave your dog in a kennel for a period of time. As much as you may want to include your canine family member in all of your activities, there are occasions where pets are not allowed, such as a vacation that is not pet-friendly. Although many vacation areas are allowing dogs in their facilities, there are times when your pooch must remain home. For peace of mind and comfort of your pet, things to look for when considering boarding.

Your dog relies on you for all its care and needs, making it imperative that you make the right decision for your pet in your absence. The best option is to have a friend, neighbor or family member come in to care for your dog while you are away, but sometimes that is not feasible, especially on longer vacation trips. If you must board your dog, it is something to look into far in advance since some of the best, most reputable kennels are booked. Start early to ensure your pet will be well-cared for in your absence.

Things to look for when considering boarding your dog takes time when your pet’s welfare is involved.

If possible, contact several places in your area to compare amenities and decide on the one that meets your needs. Making an educated decision involves a list of questions and visiting each facility in person to witness where your pet would be staying. You certainly don’t want unpleasant surprises the day you are leaving your dog at the facility, only to be stressed with worry while on vacation. View the area where your dog will be playing, sleeping and exercising, such as a play yard or dog run. You want to ensure the facility looks and smells clean, providing for a safe accommodation for your pet. The boarding area should be well-ventilated and lit, with comfortably maintained temperatures.

All boarding facilities should be licensed, displaying it when you arrive.

Pet care specialists should be on the premises and have emergency veterinary care easily accessible in the event of an emergency. Ask the facility about all the amenities they provide for healthy care of your dog such as their licensing and care, is the staff experienced and friendly and do they require your pet have current vaccinations (especially the kennel cough vaccine) for the protection of all resident animals. They should ask about your dog’s special feeding needs, any medical issues or any other special requirements for your pet. If you have two dogs, can they stay together in your absence? Keeping your pet in a kennel should provide for all its unique needs while you are away.

Inquire about other pets that may need separate care like those with aggression issues.

Are cats kept in a separate room? Find out if you can bring your dog’s personal items like its bed, blankets, food, a toy or two and its own dishes. Your pet will feel a little more secure with some of its own special belongings. Look into the type of play and exercise your dog will receive. Without enough physical activity, your dog will be more stressed with pent-up energies while in the kennel environment.

You will want to inquire about fees and how they are calculated.

Some facilities provide extra amenities such as bathing the pet, grooming, training and may even provide a way to view your pet on camera from a website. You can see your pet is happy while you are gone. You may have to visit several facilities until you find one that provides all the things to look for when considering boarding your dog. You want to be comforted knowing that your pet is well-cared for so you can have a stress-free vacation or get-away, returning to a happy, healthy dog.

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