Tips For Dog Safety When Grilling Outdoors

You can enjoy your grilling outdoors without compromising the safety of your pets.  Here are some tips to help you.

Grills and pets don’t go hand in hand. You already know that the aroma of your delicious steak will draw your pet to the grill, but it can be dangerous. You need to consider the safety of your pet when you need to cook outside. Dogs are naturally attracted to meat, and you don’t want to get caught in a dog war. Even cats can also disturb your grilling. That is why you will need these helpful tips if you’re going to enjoy your grilling outdoors without compromising your pet’s safety.

Keep Your Pets Off Your Grill

There are precautions you can take to protect your pets. The most critical step will be getting them far away from your grill. Shushing them away won’t do the trick because they want a bite of what you’re cooking.  They are also much faster than you are, so playing cat and mouse won’t do any good. Cats are especially good at jumping and will land on the grill with ease. Your best option is to leave them in the house. Have a family or friend watch the dog making sure they don’t sneak outside. You can also install a gate if space allows it.

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Don’t Give Them Scraps

You may be thinking of sharing your BBQ with your pets. Even though it seems like a nice gesture, it is a bad idea. Remember, pets love beef, chicken, and fish. You will be training them to enjoy their favorite meals grilled. This can be a problem because it would be harder to get them away from your grill. When they perceive it, they’ll assume it’s their meal you are preparing. They won’t hesitate to get the meat from the hot grill. Considering that it is scorching, the grill will burn their mouth and tongue, other than losing your BBQ.

Lock Up Your BBQ Supplies

Your grill isn’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to your pets. It would be best if you kept everything you use locked up. This means your charcoal, grill forks, lighter fluid, and everything you use. Dogs are known to eat the most unsavory things, so it won’t be strange if you find them trying to chew on the charcoal. These things can be harmful to your pet, and it would be better if you kept them out of their reach. You can make a storage box in your yard and lock it up to keep your pets from reaching them.

Clean Up After Grilling

Your pets will sniff on foils or plastic wraps, trying to find scraps to eat. They will want to lick anything that has the smell of meat on it. Even after grilling, the meat aroma on the burner will be strong. You should make sure to clean the grill and everywhere around the yard before you let your pet outside.

Even well-trained pets can pose a problem when it comes to food. They will be quick to grab the meat without thinking that the grill is hot. They are not humans, so they can’t sense the danger there. All their focus will be the delicious aroma of the food calling to them. If you have a high-quality grill with a solid lid, you won’t need to worry about your pets when grilling. You can get suitable grill units at to ensure you’re using a durable one and taking that extra precaution.

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