Tips to train a dog like a pro

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Do you get discouraged when your dog doesn’t respond as it “should?”

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger,

So many people watch dog shows on TV or read a book on dog training and then get discouraged when their dog doesn’t respond as it “should.”  Dog training is similar to dealing with people.  To train a dog like a pro you need to have a fairly good idea of what motivates the dog but even more importantly you need to be very clear in what you want to accomplish.

Patience is an important factor in dog training.  It takes time and repetition to transfer human words to dog actions.  Don’t expect perfection but work on improvement over time.  Even clever dogs can encounter difficulties.  And here is where most dog owners fail.  They are too proud to go back a few steps when they encounter difficulties.

A good rule of thumb

All dogs are different and learn at differing rates.  Knowing this, take training in small steps at the pace of your dog.  Watch for signs from your dog that he understands what you want.  Guide and show your dog what you want.  Don’t be tempted to “test” your dog on situations he has not yet learned…even when encouraged by friends.  Dogs want to please you so when set up for failure they loose their respect for you as a leader.

Be fair with your dog, be firm with what is expected but always have fun!

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