Top 5 Dog Breeds You Can Get As Pets For Your Kids

If you are interested to know what these dog breeds are, keep reading as we will share the top 5 best dog breeds you can get as pets for your kids.

There are about 70 million dogs across the United States and it’s no doubt that a lot of households choose to have a canine pet. About five million people get bitten by dogs each year and half of that population are kids two to twelve years old.

This really shouldn’t scare you if you’re planning to get a pet dog for your family or if you have kids around. To make sure that kids will be safe around pets – dogs in particular – have your pet dog vaccinated.

Another precaution you can take is to get a dog breed that is kid-friendly. These dogs are calm and can tolerate having kids around.

If you are interested to know what these dog breeds are, keep reading as we will share the top 5 best dog breeds you can get as pets for your kids.

Bichon Frise

This very adorable and cheerful dog looks just like a toy with its fur that you can easily shape in whatever you want. Because of its coat, you can expect that this dog will need regular grooming so you should be ready for that.

The Bichon’s name in French means curly coated and it fits well with its look.

Bichon Frises are known to be very playful. They like being the center of attention, but it shouldn’t really be an issue because you and your kids will easily learn to love this cute and cuddly breed.


According to, you can get a beagle for as low as $300 and it’s great for kids because it is charming, gentle, and sweet around people.

You need to remember that Beagles are naturally active and they can get easily overweight. They should always exercise regularly, if not daily.

It’s also important that you don’t leave them alone for a long time as that could make them feel anxious.

You’ll need patience when it comes to training one of these because they can be stubborn at times, but definitely, your efforts will pay off. Beagles are scent hounds and are also hunters, and so you’ll need creative techniques to effectively train them.


If you are thinking of getting a pug for yourself or your kid, then you’ll find that pugs are such great companions. In fact, pugs live for human companionship.

This flat-faced breed is affectionate towards children and is also lively, which makes it a good playmate for your kids.

Pugs are easy to take care of because of their short coat. They also won’t need much space for their exercise. Their size makes it easy for you to take them anywhere.


Even if bulldogs seem to be intimidating and even frightening to some because of the way they look, this dog breeds are still known for their patience and affection towards their pet owners and even children.

Bulldogs are just generally sociable. They could get warm towards visitors and other animals.

Even if they could be friendly towards kids, the Bulldogs are not really that playful and energetic like Bichon Frises. They could drool a lot and their dental hygiene needs quite the attention.  However, this doesn’t really make grooming harder than what you think. Their coat isn’t thick and so it’s fairly easy to maintain.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are known to be intelligent and easy to train. This means that they can be easily trained to get along and play with kids.  This dog breed is very playful and energetic which make them fit the description of social dog breeds.

Goldies are also known to be confident, patient, and loyal. This is why it’s very easy to welcome this dog into a family. They are not too hard to maintain as their coat isn’t really that thick. They usually have a medium length coat that only needs to be groomed at least once to thrice a week.

Things to Keep in Mind

There still are other kid-friendly breeds out there that you can get and some of these are Poodles, Bull Terriers, and American Boxers. What you really need to keep in mind is you need dogs that are calm and social. It would also be great if you check on the dog’s background, especially if you’re getting an older one. You should ask about how it is with kids and other pets if you have any.

Once you get the dog of your choice, you need to make time to properly train it.

All dogs, no matter what breed, have temperaments and training would certainly help them behave properly around people and kids. Even if some dog breeds are claimed to be kid-friendly, without proper training, they can still fail.