Top 7 Things To Consider Before Getting a Puppy

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We’ve all heard it before—puppies are a huge responsibility. It’s the reason that parents might not give in to their children’s cries over having a family dog.

Now, as an adult, you might be thinking about getting a puppy. It’s a big decision to make and requires lots of thought. Here are some important things you should consider before making the leap.



1. Are You Ready to Commit? 

People don’t realize how much work a puppy is until they have one themselves. They require constant attention. You’ll have to ensure they are trained properly. From teaching them to behave to potty training, you’ll have your hands full.

Also, consider that you will have a pet for the next ten years or so. Make sure that you are ready to handle this commitment. The last thing you want to do is have to find your dog a new home when you realize you can’t take care of it.

2. Is It the Right Time for Your Family?

You might be ready for a dog. But is your family? Everyone living in your house will be affected by the new family member.

Consider any factors that might play into your decision. Some important ones might include:


If anyone has allergies, you should consider a hypoallergenic dog or a different type of pet altogether.

Babies or young children

If you have young children, you probably already have enough to worry about. A puppy might just be a distraction

How often everyone’s home

Do you or your spouse work a lot? Does your family frequently travel? If you’re going to be constantly away, everyone suffers. Your puppy won’t get the attention it needs. Plus, you’ll have to pay for expensive boarding or daycare costs.

3. Have You Done Your Research? 

It’s not as easy as going to the pound and picking the first dog you see. You should know what kind of breeds you can handle. Do you want a big or small breed? Some are more family-friendly than others. You might want one that sheds less or is more independent.

You also need to consider all of the supplies you need. You have to think about everything from the best brands of food to dog beds that are generally favorable for your puppy’s breed.

4. Are You Sure You Want a Puppy?

A puppy might not currently be the right decision for you. But what about an older dog?

Don’t get us wrong—any pet is a lot of work. A grown dog, however, might mean less work for you. They tend to be more relaxed, independent, and likely already trained.

5. Do You Want to Adopt? 

We’ve all heard the phrase “adopt, don’t shop.” It’s a great motto to go by when looking for a puppy.

Adopting is much cheaper. In most cases, you have to pay a low fee that goes towards covering the shelter’s operation costs. Purebreds are expensive and sold for profit.

Adopting also allows you to save an animal. You won’t be supporting unethical mills.

6. Are You Financially Stable? 

  • Food
  • Beds
  • Crates
  • Toys
  • Leashes
  • Grooming visits
  • Vet bills

It all adds up.

You should be financially stable if you decide to get a dog. A puppy shouldn’t be a financial burden. You don’t want to end up resenting your decision because you can’t afford it. Budget accordingly and ensure that you have enough money to cover the costs.

7. Take Your Time

Keep in mind that this isn’t a decision you should rush. Think it over and do the research. You can always get a puppy later in life when the timing is better. But for now, make the best choice for everyone involved.


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