Top Five Reasons Not to Use Puppy Training

You just got a new puppy and many of your friends are urging you to learn some puppy training skills. Yes, it will take work and patience. So, let’s look at this the David Letterman way.

What are the Top Five Reasons Not to Use Puppy Training?

1. You like yellow puddles on the floor and smelly piles. You have decided it’s better to live with those than to take the time to properly train your puppy to use the outdoors.

2. You like coming home and seeing your leather shoes sporting bite marks. After all, it is leather and dogs like meat, so can you really keep a dog from chewing on shoes?

3. You like having the puppy jump all over people and licking them. Yes, puppy kisses are nice, so you have decided to not teach the puppy when it is appropriate.

4. You like hearing the new puppy bark at everyone and everything. It’s such a cute little bark and surely he will grow tired of barking!

5. You didn’t like those socks anyway. So, as the new puppy grabs the socks out of the laundry basket and hides them outside, you can get new socks.

Ridiculous? Yes! But the point is, that your new puppy needs training. He does not know what is right or wrong, and he needs you to teach him. Yes, it will take time and patience. But it is worth it. Your new puppy will become a mature, content dog who is secure because he knows you cared encough to learn puppy training skills.

Not sure how to train your new puppy? Just contact Acme Canine! We would be glad to help.