Top Part-time Jobs for Veterinary Students

Most veterinary students don’t have the luxury of picking up full-time jobs before they graduate, so they depend on part-time work.

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Passing through veterinary school is very challenging. In many cases, it is just as difficult as going through medical school. Therefore, most vet students don’t have the luxury of picking up full-time jobs before they graduate. They mainly depend on getting part-time jobs to earn what they need to survive.

As a vet student, you should look to find a part-time job that lets you work within your niche. It would benefit you to find work that enables you to work with animals. Discussed in this article are top part-time jobs for veterinary students.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is one part-time job that lets you work with animals while you earn some money. Pet sitting usually happens at the home of the pet owner. If you are lucky to sit pets that require less care, you can have the time to work on your schoolwork. You can use TopWritersReview to find a writing service that will make your schoolwork easier while you go about your part-time employment.

You can also get a job as a pet sitter with a business that offers pet sitting services. In either case, both pet owners and pet sitting businesses prefer to hire someone who understands how to handle animals. On your part, you get to make pets comfortable and earn some money for your life and studies.

Working at a Kennel

Kennels are animal breeding centers. Kennels can also serve as boarding centers for cats or dogs. As a vet student, you can quickly get a part-time job working at a kennel. A facility that breeds pets will be glad to hire a vet in training. By hiring you, they know they are getting someone who knows veterinary medicine.

In some cases, kennels can be intended explicitly for exotic animals like reptiles. If they hire you, you get to have a rare chance of working with rare animals you will never get to see elsewhere.

Working at a Shelter

Another great place to get part-time employment as a vet student is animal shelters. Although many animal shelters take in volunteers, some places hire part-time workers. You can provide emergency care to animals that need it. Additionally, you get to provide badly needed emotional support to these animals. So, you earn money and perfect your future trade all at the same time.


Freelancing is another way to make money on a part-time basis as a veterinary student. There are various ways you can go about getting freelancing gigs. You can use freelancing platforms to find part-time jobs that work for you. For example, many people run blogs about pets and are actively looking for writers. Your experience with animals can help you create great content for your clients.

You can also decide to start an animal-related blog. For example, you can have a web resource that focuses on traveling with animals and help with international document requirements for such travel. Your background will give you credibility and help you get traffic.


Getting a part-time job as a vet student helps you earn a living, allowing you to learn more about animals, which will be great for your profession. You can get a part-time job as a pet sitter, find employment at a kennel or an animal shelter. Alternatively, you can try freelancing. Any of these choices are great because they help you kill two birds with one stone – earn and further your veterinarian expertise.

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