Top Tips from Someone Who Just Moved into a House with their Dogs

No move is easy! It includes serious work, stress, and anxiety. And that’s not only for humans but also for your pet dog if you are moving with them.

By Guest Blogger, Jam

Dogs get used to a habitat and can feel when they are about to shift to a new house. If you notice that your dog/s are showing minor mood change and active/passive tendencies, know that they have sensed the move.

Getting started with the move, you need to contact a moving company. That aside, the easy ten tips you can count on for the move are:

1. Plan an overnight kit

Make sure to plan an “overnight kit” that’s easy to access while moving. It should have dog toys, dog food, medications, and a few grooming tools to keep your dog comfortable while the initial days of unpacking.

2. Pack the dog home

Take time to pack the dog home and belongings and add it to your set of packed belongings.  Let your dog see it as they can sense what’s happening around. It would provide them ample comfort and reduce their anxiety.

3. Check with your vet

Before moving, contact your vet, and get the necessary medications. Ask whether they suggest another vet after you have shifted to a new locality and house.

4. Let your pets stay away from the action

While you are planning the move, ensure that your dog stays in a quiet place. Not many people want to keep them with a friend or in a dog kennel. In that case, manage the activities with ease so that they don’t get agitated and stay away from all the action like emptying a floor or a bedroom or removing furniture. For furniture removal and the like, you can check out

5. Always make your pet travel in the vehicle

Make sure that you carry your pet in your car to the new house. Place them in the back seat using a car seatbelt or crate for security.

6. Use a kennel for a big dog while moving

Do you have a big dog? If yes, then you can move your pet dog in the kennel and place it in your car. For this, you might have to put a few seats down and secure the kennel so it doesn’t tip or slide.

7. Don’t let your dog know till the time you reach the new place

Stay careful while moving to a new locality. The moment your dog is in the car, lock the doors tightly and make sure that they can’t step or jump out even when you stop on the way. Exercise ample caution until such time you reach the new house.

8. Keep your dog secluded for a while

Try and arrange the rooms as fast as you can, even if that means a single room in the new house. After that, you can introduce your dog to the new home. Also, please keep them in one section as they gradually get acclimatized to the new surroundings. Spend more time with them and give them ample attention. It will help them to settle down slowly.

9. Update the dog information

Before you move to the new house, change the microchip data to the new phone number and address.  If your dog has ID tags, update them as well as getting a new dog license.

10. Set up the kennel

Once your dog gets comfortable with the new house, take the time to set up the kennel.

These are the ten easy tips that will help you to streamline everything as you move with your pet.

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