Treats from the Alaskan Frontier – Drool Central, a Mum and Pup Barkery (part two)

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KSCO Pet Radio program interview on dog treats with Daisy Nicholas. owner and founder of Drool Central, January 24, 2021 (continued)

LAURA PAKIS: So everything you create is dried.  Is that so you can ship it all over?

What’s available and how to order

DAISY NICHOLAS: Yes, but I also carry freshly baked treat pies, mostly locally.  I can’t ship them because they are fresh baked and flash frozen. So they have a very short shelf life. And now I have also introduced meals locally. The meals are fresh-frozen. I have started offering regular subscriptions locally and delivered to homes in Anchorage for $35 and up. But otherwise, for the lower 48, I offer free shipping if it’s $75 and above.

LAURA PAKIS: That’s reasonable.  Daisy, let us know your website again.  It’s where people can order from.




LAURA PAKIS:  If I ordered today, when would I get it?  I would love to say I was in California, but I’m in Ohio.

DAISY NICHOLAS: I process it as soon as I can.  Usually within three days.

LAURA PAKIS: I have to say, Daisy, you’re just an amazing woman. To come up with all this and create this on your own. I give you a lot of credit, plus I think being out in the wilderness toughens you up to take on this challenge of creating these great products for the dogs.

DAISY NICHOLAS: Yeah, thank you. I have a lot of products, and it is a one-woman show. I used to cook for people for so many years, and I mostly pleased a lot, but You will always get some who aren’t happy.  I realized that I love the dogs as customers. I am so content with having dogs as customers. They’re just so adorable, and their faces show just how they feel.  It is addictive.

LAURA PAKIS: People don’t often think of dogs as Big Fish Eaters, but I can see how dogs would love these treats.

DAISY NICHOLAS: It’s been proven.


LAURA PAKIS: Daisy, it’s been a real pleasure to talk with you and learn more about your business. I’ve never met anybody that started their own dog treat company and to hear how you got started and how much you care about your dog. You truly have your passion.

DAISY NICHOLAS: Yes, yes. I do, and I can see the results [of my work.]


about Daisy Nicholas

Founder & Owner of Drool Central, Daisy Nicolas, is located in Anchorage, Alaska. Inspired by her now, almost 14-year-old dog (as of 5/3/2020) adopted yellow labrador retriever, Drool Central sticks to the clean label mission in pet food and resourcing Alaska’s wild salmon, cod, and seasonal fish.   Daisy Nicolas, who has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, was also culinary trained in San Francisco at California Culinary Academy and Tante Marie’s Cooking School and externed at the Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco.  The 25 years of culinary scope span stints in premiere hotels, resorts, lodges, restaurants from California, Washington, Utah, New York, Nevada, and Alaska.  She has a current Serv Safe Certificate, which ensures that food safety guidelines are adhered to.  This mum loves dogs, and dogs reciprocate to her with equal rambunctiousness.

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