Understanding Dog Behavior

Hi it’s me, Spike. Today I want to discuss with you a little bit about dog behavior and how to decode what we’re trying to tell you.

You see, since we can’t talk to you there is still a lot we’d love to tell you and by knowing a bit more about how we think, training is a whole lot easier.

For instance, did you know that the reason we roll around on your belongings is because we love you? Not only do your things smell like you and carry your scent but it’s our way of being closer to you. Now you may not appreciate us chewing up your favorite shoes but keep in mind that we’re not doing it to be naughty or vindictive; we simply want to have you near us.

Now sometimes we like to roll around in stinky stuff. You may wonder why we enjoy rolling around in the yucky stuff outside like dog poo, a dead squirrel or anything that you’d find totally gross but this is simply an instinct ingrained in our nature. It goes back to the days of hunting where we would need to mask our scent from prey. While we may not have to go on the hunt for dinner, it’s simply something that we still like to do sometimes.

Even something as simple as a tail wag has a deeper meaning. See, when we wag our tails we have a specific set of scent glands that are released. This tells other dogs all about us such as our gender, age and even our status in the social tier. Of course if we are wagging our tail at you then we are showing you we’re happy unless you see a fast wag that is with a tail sticking straight out; that can be a sign of aggression.

You see, there is a lot to learn about us dogs and we’re more than happy to help you understand our behavior. If you want to learn more about decoding what we are trying to tell you then contact us and we can give you the scoop, so to speak.