Extra, Extra, Learn All About Dogs!

Acme Canine believes that a safe dogcentric and nurturing environment, coupled with active mental and physical stimulation leads to a happy, healthy life for our dogs.  And so we offer you these free materials.

We understand your dog is part of your family, and an extension of yourself, which is why we are committed to bringing the highest quality canine care available. Our knowledgeable staff has experience in professional canine training, behavioral and basic canine medical care.

We are passionate about what we do and care deeply for the health and well-being of all dogs. This is not just a business, this is our lifestyle, and dogs ARE our life. We are proud to be part of you and your dog’s life and strive to contribute to the long-term relationship of your best friend.

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Acme Canine is your resource to gaining canine knowledge. Learn more through Spike’s Blog, our e-newsletter,the Bark, social media and Patreon. You’ll learn the “why” of dog training as well as how to improve your relationship with your dog.

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