Obedience isn’t a trick, it’s a way of life

Acme Canine knows a thing or two about dogs and can teach you how to train your dog and improve your canine relationship!

Owner and founder, Laura Pakis, certified professional dog trainer, not only teaches you how to train your dog, but also explains the “why” in your dog’s thinking, ultimately helping you to manage his or her behavior and give you a better understanding of your furry loved one.

Laura has decades of experience as an esteemed dog behavior specialist. She is prepared to give you the advice and daily tricks you need to take back control and create an even stronger bond with your pup.

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Walking leather dog leashes – Comfortable dog harnesses, decorated dog collars and plenty of dog toys.

Pet Cost Calculator

Lifetime Cost of a Pet

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Here’s a very comprehensive blog on Bulldogs and their temperament, check out Bulldogology

For another great resource to help dog owners find practical advice, guides and reviews, check out Practical Paw.







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         Introducing new dog
Games and Toys

 Pet Food Recall Information

Recalls By PawDiet.com

Grooming Guide

Dog Grooming Guide

Nutrition and Dogs

Introduction to E-Collar

Dog Safety Coloring Book

Grooming Booklet