What are the advantages of a keto diet for dogs?

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Dogs benefit from ketogenic diets for the same reasons that humans do. But unlike humans, dogs have an even lower tolerance for carbs. In fact, dogs have no nutritional need for carbohydrates at all!

By Guest Blogger, Sophie Karcher

I don’t know you. But I do know this… 

You’ve heard about the amazing benefits of a ketogenic diet.

But what you might not know is that these same benefits extend to the health of your dog! We’ll get to that shortly, but first…

What is a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is any diet that allows your body to enter a natural metabolic state called ketosis – a natural metabolic state where your body uses ketone bodies (ketones) instead of carbs to fuel your energy needs. 

Most ketogenic diets are high in fat and protein, and very low in digestible carbs. This kind of diet allows your body to easily flip a metabolic switch and enter ketosis. And this simple process can make a world of difference. 

Imagine you have a friend. We’ll call him “Bob”. And because of his lifestyle choices…Bob’s in trouble.

At just 38 years of age, Bob is overweight, mentally foggy, and dealing with chronic inflammation. He decides it’s time for a change. So Bob does something amazing for his health…

Bob makes the switch to a low carb, ketogenic diet! 

Within weeks of going keto, Bob is losing weight without hunger cravings, feeling sharper and more focused at work, and his blood markers for inflammation are moving in the right direction. After a few months, Bob is maintaining his ideal weight, feeling better than ever, and wondering why he ever believed the lie that high fat diets are unhealthy. 

Bob clearly underwent an amazing transformation. And Bob is not alone! Millions of people world-wide have experienced similar keto success stories. And countless scientific studies support the benefits of a ketogenic diet for optimal health. 

Studies like this demonstrate that a ketogenic diet can work wonders for a variety of medical conditions, including diabetes and insulin resistance. And studies like this show that a ketogenic diet can offer cognitive benefits through the effects of ketone bodies on the brain! 

It’s clear that a ketogenic diet can work wonders. And if you’ve ever experienced these benefits first-hand, you’ve likely asked yourself this…

Can a ketogenic diet also benefit my dog?

The answer is an enthusiastic YES!

Dogs benefit from ketogenic diets for the same reasons that humans do. But unlike humans, dogs have an even lower tolerance for carbs. In fact, dogs have no nutritional need for carbohydrates at all!

Simply put, carbohydrates – even in small amounts – are damaging to the health of your dog. So if you want your dog to enjoy the benefits of optimal nutrition, you’d be wise to put them on a low carb, ketogenic diet. 

Ketogenic diets work by…

  • Lowering your dog’s average blood glucose;
  • Reducing your dog’s insulin response; and 
  • Encouraging your dog to use ketone bodies as their primary fuel source. 

Feeding your dog a ketogenic diet can also trigger anti-inflammatory processes that reduce systemic inflammation and improve your dog’s overall health!

Dogs are meant to be powered by fat and protein – not easily digestible carbs. Every gram of carbohydrate you can cut from your dog’s diet is a step toward optimal health. That’s why many so many pet parents report amazing transformations when they transition their dogs to a ketogenic diet! 

Here are just some of the amazing benefits that can happen when you give your dog the gift of optimal nutrition…

  • Softer, shinier coats
  • Noticeable relief for allergies, digestive or skin issues
  • More biodegradable feces and less frequent bathroom breaks
  • Reduced bloating and no excess gas
  • More energy and increased physical endurance

And just like ketogenic diets for humans, these benefits aren’t just supported by anecdotal evidence! 

The non-profit organization, KetoPet, spent several years and millions of dollars investigating the ketogenic diet in a range of different canine breeds. They initially investigated the diet as an adjuvant therapy for dogs with advanced stage cancer – but quickly came to the conclusion that all dogs should eat a ketogenic diet for optimal health. And because of their findings, thousands of dogs around the world are currently enjoying the benefits of optimal nutrition through a low carb, keto diet! 

So now the only question is…

How to Feed Your Dog a Ketogenic Diet

Feeding your dog a ketogenic diet used to be hard work! I remember spending several hours each week, sourcing ingredients and blending them into a homemade ketogenic diet. But now, all that has changed.

With the release of a low carb, keto dry food product line from Visionary Pet – it’s finally easy for all pet parents to give their dogs the lifelong benefits of a ketogenic diet. Visionary makes very low carb, ketogenic dry food with 100% real meat and no carbs or fillers. And because their food is formulated for all breeds and life stages, your dog can be a keto pup for life!

Visionary also has an amazing e-book titled, “Dog Food Deception”, which outlines exactly why all dogs should eat keto. It contains much of the information above – and more. 

And if you’d rather make your dog’s keto food at home – that’s cool too! Head over to KetoPet and take advantage of their online ketogenic diet calculator. They offer this free resource to ALL pet parents who want to feed their dog a homemade ketogenic diet using store-bought ingredients. 

Whether you choose to make your own food or shop Visionary, know this…

By feeding your dog a ketogenic diet, you’ll be giving your best friend the lifelong benefits of optimal nutrition!

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