What are Veterinary Clinical Trials or Studies

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Veterinary clinical trials help veterinarians investigate methods to improve detection and treatment of disease and improve the lives of pets.

Clinical trials or studies benefit all pets by either participating in a study for a new treatment when there are no other options are available or in the future, when other pets may receive a newly approved treatment at their local veterinarian’s office.  Veterinary clinical trials are conducted using evidence-based medicine.

Pet owners often ask their veterinarian if there are any clinical trials available to their cat or dog who has been diagnosed with cancer or disease.  While several studies are occurring worldwide, participation in a clinical trial can often be difficult.

Each clinical study has particular qualifications for participation that include everything from the breed and age of the pet to the life expectancy, weight, and the type of disease.  Clinical trials are NOT always free. There may be fees to participate because grants may only cover a certain portion of the trial, and you may have to travel a long way to participate for several weeks or months.

To assist you in the process, we have listed several organizations that offer veterinary clinical studies.

AVMA Animal Health Studies Database


American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation


American Association of Feline Practitioners


Morris Animal Foundation


Veterinary Cancer Society


VCA Hospitals


Johns Hopkins Medicine


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