What are Yak Chews? The All-Natural Dog Treat

Key Takeaways:

  • Yak chews are dog treats made of Yak Cheese, cow milk (sometimes), lime, and salt.
  • Yak chews can be softened in the microwave for 30-60 seconds to avoid any issues with the hardness of the chew.
  • Yak chews are tasty, convenient, and a great alternative to bully sticks and other dog treats.

There are several types of dog treats on the market. They come in various flavors, sizes, textures, and with a variety of different ingredients and purposes. Some of them come in easy to chew pellets, while others are a bit harder and denser to give dogs something to snack on for a while when their owners are running low on food. With so many different options to choose from, which type of treats are best for dogs?

There are so many things to consider when buying dog food. It’s not just about affordability and how much your dogs seem to enjoy the treat. It’s also a matter of how good it is for their bodies and how it could affect them once consumed regularly. Some types of dog food may be advertised as ‘the best option’ but once you take a look at the ingredients, you might see that they actually end up being bad for dogs in the long run. It’s time to stop settling for less and start looking for a solid and sustainable option that will enhance every dog’s health, as well as their enjoyment of their meals.

Speaking of solid and sustainable options, a certain type of dog food has been on the rise recently — and rightfully so. Yak Chews are quickly becoming the latest trend among dog owners. More and more people are opting to feed their dogs Yak Chews instead of the average type of dog treat. With that in mind, what makes them so special?

What are Yak Chews?

Yak Chews are an all-natural type of food for all dogs to enjoy. They are made to be long-lasting, yummy, and overall healthy treats for all of our furry friends. Many consider Yak Chews to be one of the best choices out there in terms of dog food because of its premium and natural blend, completely safe and healthy list of ingredients, and the convenience it provides for both owners and pets alike.

Yak Chews’ popularity only seems to grow as owners continue to make the switch and choose a healthier diet for their dogs. So, is it really worth the hype? First, Let’s go into detail about what Yak Chews are made of and how they can benefit dogs.

What Is a Yak Chew Made Of?

Yak Chews include a pretty unique set of ingredients. The highlight of its blend can be seen in its name: Yak. These treats are made from Yak Milk, a type of cow that resides in the Himalayas in Nepal. Their diet of wild grass and vegetables found in their living space makes the taste of their milk stand out in comparison to the normal cow milk that we’ve all had. (We’ve reviewed Native Pet’s Yak Chews on the blog previously. We are a fan & you can get 20% off using our link.)

Our Favorite Yak Chew
  • Our favorite yak chew. Our dogs loved it. Also has a great variety of sizes available.
  • PeaksNPaws is great for big dogs and features some of the largest yak chews.
  • Ecokind is also a great option and has very affordable yak chews.
Our Favorite Yak Chew
  • Our favorite yak chew. Our dogs loved it. Also has a great variety of sizes available.
  • PeaksNPaws is great for big dogs and features some of the largest yak chews.
  • Ecokind is also a great option and has very affordable yak chews.

Once the milk is collected from the Yaks, they are handmade into a type of cheese called Churpi. It is made mainly with lime, salt, juice, and Yak Milk. With its distinctive taste, Churpi has become a local delicacy among the people of Nepal. Sounds fancy, right?
Now, thousands of dogs worldwide get to enjoy it as well, by eating their everyday serving of Yak Chews!

How Do You Prepare a Yak Chew?

Yaw Chews can be given to dogs as they are! The treats are hard and flavorful, providing good exercise for every dog’s teeth and a nice meal for them to enjoy. They last pretty long and take a while to chew, let alone finish. Once dogs actually chew through most of it, there will always be some bits and pieces left for them to enjoy later on.

Can leftovers be microwaved? Of course! To prepare leftover chews, just pop them in the microwave for about 30 to 60 seconds. They are ready once they start to puff up and produce a hissing sound. Compared to its dense texture before, the treats will turn out crunchy this time around! Putting it in the microwave gives them a brand-new taste altogether, spicing up its existing flavor with a hint of smoky goodness. It’s an exquisite snack that all dogs are guaranteed to love!

Microwaved Yak Chew - before and after. You can see how the yak chew becomes a cheese puff.

What Kinds of Dogs Can Eat Yak Chews?

Yak Chews are incredibly inclusive with minimal requirements. They can be enjoyed by any dog older than four months old, meaning that you can also feed them to puppies to help them become stronger as they grow. They are great for any kind of breed as well. Whether the dogs are small, medium-sized, or large, they will be able to enjoy the chews the same way.

This can save a lot of money for dog owners, especially if they are on a tight budget. Most types of dog treats on the market have certain variations that depend on age range and breed. So, dog owners will usually have to switch to another variation every few months or so to match their puppy’s age. It’s more troublesome for owners with a lot of dogs that come in different ages and breeds, which usually means that they have to buy several different kinds just to meet their dog’s needs. With these chews, owners won’t have to purchase anything else! They are made for any kind of dog, saving owners from the extra effort (and extra cash) they’d have to spend on buying other treats.

Our Favorite Yak Chew
Native Pet Yak Chews for Dogs

Native Pet Yak Chews are all certified organic ingredients sourced directly from the Himalayan foothills. They are durable and high in protein. Our dogs loved them.

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Are Yak Chews Good for Dogs?

The short answer is yes. They’re very good for dogs, for several reasons. For every owner that is still having doubts about the product, here’s a list of reasons why Yak Chews are a great alternative for your current brand of dog treat.

Good for Their Teeth

It’s not hard to keep dogs happy. Just give them some head pats, some playtime, and of course some nice treats. With Yak Chews, dogs will be given more than just a good snack. They will have a chance to exercise and strengthen their teeth. Given the chews’ texture, they will have a pretty hard time chewing it at first. Depending on the dogs themselves, some pups can take hours just to take a few small bites from it. That isn’t to say that they’re not enjoying it though. The flavor is still present, even with the hard texture.
Dogs love chewing on things and it’s actually very good for them! It maintains their oral health and cleans all the tight spaces in their teeth, eliminating plaque and bad breath.

Corgi eating yak chew
Callie enjoys a Native Pet Yak Chew

Mess-Free and Convenient

Every single part of the Yak Chew can be eaten, so nothing goes to waste! Unlike some types of dog treats out there, they are also odor-free with no artificial coloring. They are as natural as they come. This is convenient for when dogs are rolling around and trying to chew on their treats. Since there aren’t any dyes in the blend, there’s no risk of getting stained carpets or floors. The lack of odor keeps whatever room the dogs are eating in smelling fresh as well. Lastly, the clean-up is simple and quick. Owners won’t have to clean much at all aside from a few leftover crumbs that are too small to enjoy. For owners whose pups are messy eaters, this is a dream!

Perfectly Safe and Natural Blend

Many brands out there claim to be 100% safe for dogs to consume, but are they really? Most dog food brands often contain chemicals in the formula of their treats. Even if they are added in minimal amounts, there will always be a risk that these chemicals could harm dogs once consumed. The safest bet would be to find an all-natural alternative, which happens to be Yak Chews.

As mentioned before, these treats are made from high-quality Yak Milk, handmade into cheese in the Himalayas in Nepal. They contain four ingredients: lime, salt, juice, and yak milk. It’s simple but effective nonetheless, offering a good amount of nutrition despite the minimal items inside their formula. In fact, this is exactly why many owners choose to buy it for their dogs. Some pups may have bodies that are sensitive to certain types of treats, so they only have a small selection of options to choose from.

Yak Chews don’t contain any form or trace of preservatives, chemicals, or additives. They are also gluten-free, and grain-free. This makes the treat easier for dogs to digest, especially for those that have sensitive stomachs. Another good thing about the blend is that it’s lactose-free. Although two of the main ingredients are yak milk and salt, the process it goes through when being turned into cheese basically removes or lessens the amount. By the time it is turned into the finished product, all traces of lactose will be long gone. As for the salt, just enough is added to make the treats more enjoyable and flavorful.

Although Yak Chews go through a careful process to make sure that they are safe to consume, it’s best to watch our pups while they eat to make sure that they are safe. They typically aren’t a choking hazard, but it’s better to be sure. All in all, they make a good alternative for the generic brands of dog treats on the market today. Now that a high-quality option is on the rise, it’s time to give our pups the quality treats that they deserve!



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