What Dog Owners Need to Look for When Buying a Car

When you’re in the market for buying a car, taking your dog into consideration is necessary to make your choice.

Leaving your dog behind simply because your car isn’t well suited to your dog riding along does not leave a very great feeling. 

This is why when you’re in the market for a car, taking your dog into consideration is necessary to make your choice.

 As a dog owner, you’re obviously looking to make sure that you tick the boxes of comfort and safety for your dog

Car rides are perhaps one of the most favorite pastimes of dogs. Hanging their head out the window with their mouth open and the breeze blowing in their face.

This is absolutely one of the most magical moments that you can offer your dog. 

To select the perfect car for your dog irrespective of size, here are some things to look it for: 

Interior Space 

Dogs always want to be close to their owners, this is especially true for lap dogs. This is why the interior space of a car is one of the most important aspects to consider. 

If you have a German Shepherd, you wouldn’t be checking out cars with low roofs and minute interior spaces of course. 

The features of the interior space are important too. If your dog typically likes to sit on car rides, then going for a car with attached, fold-down seating is a great idea. 

Attached seating allows your dog to be seated when your car is moving as against bucket seats. Bucket seats make it appear as though your car has more interior space to allow for your dog to move, but your dog would have a very difficult time balancing. 

This, of course, poses danger especially when you’re going downhill or when you’re on the highway. 

Trunk Space  

The amount of trunk space that a car has is important for the average buyer but it is even more critical for dog owners. 

Most of the time, dog owners lie to travel with ether dogs strapped into the passenger seat with a harness. However, good boot space is essential so that you have an option for your dog to travel in the rear compartment. 

Usually, you can easily determine the volume of the boot space of any car and it is typically calculated in liters. It involves two calculations; volume with the rear seats down and the figure for the boot with the rear seats up. 

Some cars come with ratio seating and this feature allows you to let down a part of the rear seats with one or two others still upright. 

This way, you can increase space for storage and still accommodate a passenger in the rear seats. The most common ratios are 60/40 or 50/50. 

If you would be driving with your dog often or you would like your rear seats to remain in the reclined position most of the time to create space for your dog, then the boot volume with the seats up should factor heavily into your decision. 

Considering the space of the boot itself so that you can be sure that the volume stated actual offers sufficient floor area is important too. 

You definitely want a trunk that offers more than a narrow area with high head height. 

Safety Features 

Looking out for the safety of your dog is very similar to looking out for children. Before going ahead to make a purchase, you need to ensure that the car safety features are up to par.

 Checking out features like door and window lock controls that would prevent your dog from falling out of the car while it is in motion is essential.

 Other features include smart airbags; this would ease your worry about your dog if you’re involved in an accident. Smart airbags are able to detect when they should deploy the airbag, basing this judgment on whether it would do more harm or more good. 

Anti-lock brakes and forward-collision warning are features that you should check for too. If your dog is only learning how to ride in a car, anti-lock brakes help to avoid accidents if you get distracted. 

Seeing Out Space 

While you should, of course, allow your dog to stick their head out the window, having them stick it out the whole way is not a very great idea. This can lead to accidents and there is the possibility of some particle blowing into your dog’s eye. 

However, dogs like the feel of fresh air on their face when they are riding in a car, so, you should go for a car whose rear or bolt windows can be cracked open and controlled from the front of the car. 

Just like people, dogs are more prone to being car sick when they cannot see where they are going. They would also feel unhappy, so going for a car that they can look out of and face the direction of travel is ideal. 

A rear sunroof is also a great feature that would allow fresh air and sunlight to get in. 

Fold-Down Seating 

There is a reason why going for cars that offer fold-down seating options is advised for you and your dog. Fold in seats come in very handy especially on toes like a weekend hike or visiting the beach.

 Apart from being able to down the seat, thus allowing your dog sufficient space to lie down, you would also be able to protect your seats from water damage, fur, and excess mud.

 Dogs are typically known for shedding fur especially with changes in season. Fold-down seats allow you to prevent exterior damage to your seat cushions.

Your car remains clean and you save money on having to clean your car frequently. 


When looking out for features, ensure that you are getting the best deal on cars such as 0% APR financing deals. This way, you don’t incur any extra debt and every ride is an exciting road trip for your dog and you, their beloved companion.  

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