What Is The Best Dog Training Spray – And How To Choose The Right One For You

Training is a challenging ordeal for any pet parent, but unfortunately, it’s one of the essential rites of passage to successfully raising a puppy. Luckily, as technology advances, more and more methods of training puppies are being discovered. One of the best recently invented methods is using sprays to encourage or discourage specific behaviors. Still, unfortunately, it can feel impossible to navigate the hundreds of sprays available on the market when deciding which to use.

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When considering the different dog training sprays available on the market, it’s worth starting by considering what results you expect from training. For example, if you’re hoping to potty train your dog using a spray, you’ll need a different product than someone who hopes to discourage chewing. Once you’ve determined what to use the spray for, shopping is as simple as comparing prices, ingredients, and reviews to find the best fit for your dog.

What is Dog Training Spray?

dog training spray

Dog training spray is a training aid that encourages or discourages specific dog behaviors. Two types of dog training sprays are used: attractants, which use a pleasant odor to reward desired behaviors, and repellants, which use an unpleasant odor to punish undesirable behaviors.

Attractant sprays reward good behaviors like successfully obeying commands or ignoring barking triggers. They’re also commonly used as pheromone sprays to help potty-train dogs. While attractant sprays are sometimes used to reward or encourage behavior, it’s important to note that they can also be used as behavioral cues in the same way verbal commands are used.

Repellant sprays are used to discourage bad behavior as a humane form of negative reinforcement. They can also be used as a deterrent. If your dog consistently engages in bad behavior like gnawing and shredding furniture, spraying the objects with a repellant spray can quickly make your dog drop the bad habit for good. 

The Best Citronella Spray for Discouraging Barking

If you’re looking to use a spray from a brand you can rely on, there’s no better place to start than PetSafe’s incredible citronella spray. This training aid is ideal for discouraging any bad behavior with negative reinforcement. It’s especially suitable for preventing barking since the canister is designed with a convenient belt loop that allows you to take it anywhere.

This spray is so effective because, while citronella is an extremely pleasant smell for people, pets are repulsed by it. If you decide to spray your furniture using the PetSafe spray, your dog will be too disgusted to chew on or sit on the furniture. And if you choose to spray toward your dog when they’re misbehaving, you can immediately stop negatively reinforced behaviors like aggression and barking

The Best Budget-Friendly Dog Potty Training Spray

Potty training is one of the most complex parts of raising a dog, so having smart ways to make the process easier is a huge relief. Many dog owners find that the Nature’s Miracle potty-training spray completely revolutionized their potty-training process since the pheromones guide their pets to a preferred potty location. 

It’s important to note that while this training aid is highly effective, it does not have a pleasant smell. For this reason, you should only use it when attempting to potty train your dog outside on the grass and not indoors on a puppy training pad. However, this spray is technically for indoor and outdoor training. As the spray is used consistently over time, your dog will become much more familiar with the smell, eventually becoming another cue to go potty, just like going outside or saying, “go potty.” 

The Most Pleasant Potty Training Spray for Indoor Use

potty training spray

While many potty training sprays on the market have an extremely unpleasant odor, plenty of alternatives can be used indoors. One of the best on the market is PoochPad’s potty training spray, which has all of the pheromones needed to make your dog go potty where you want them to while giving your home a pleasant floral scent. 

Since the spray can be used indoors, it is one of the best products for encouraging your dog to use pee pads. Many dog owners have found that spraying the puppy potty training spray towards the center of the puppy pad immediately improved their puppy’s success in finding the pad — and once the habit is formed, you can quickly encourage the behavior with positive potty training reinforcement.

The Best Pheromone Spray for Discouraging Bad Behavior

While citronella sprays are generally effective as a form of negative reinforcement, they don’t work for every dog — and it’s not uncommon to dislike the scent of citronella yourself, either! Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives on the market. One of the best is Sentry’s Stop That! Spray, which uses a specially formulated blend of pheromones and scents to help you discipline unwanted behavior.

A few features make this housetraining spray bottle stand out from others on the market. Firstly, the spray also uses a loud noise to amplify the disciplinary effect. Most of the noise is at an extremely high pitch, only audible to canine ears, and they find the noise extremely unpleasant — allowing you to immediately create a connection between their bad behavior and the punishment. And due to the pheromones and odor, your dog will have a consistent reminder not to repeat behavior such as potty accidents.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re shopping for an attractant spray to encourage good potty training behavior or a repellant spray to stop behaviors like barking and aggression, many great products on the market can help make your goals achievable. These dog training spray recommendations make it possible to take your dog’s training to the next level. 

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