What kind of dog to get a busy student in Texas

A dog may be a great support animal to lift a busy student’s spirits in hard times and not let you feel lonely on campus.

By Guest Blogger, James Collins

Student life is full of everyday challenges and excitements. For some people, college years may be the busiest time in their life. There are so many things to catch up when you are young, such as attending regular classes, doing extracurricular activities, giving time to sports, and so on. Academic work and an active lifestyle don’t leave time for anything else.

Thus, students often experience stress and psychological tension due to their strenuous lifestyle. One of the possible solutions to relieve stress could be getting a dog. A fur buddy may be a great support animal that lifts your spirits in hard times and doesn’t let you feel lonely on campus.

So even though years at college are full of fun moments and possibilities to lead a fulfilling independent life, you may feel a lack of something to be happy about. Therefore, many students decide to take on a new hobby or get a pet. And as was said above, it’s a great idea! But take into account that caring for a dog can be extremely time-consuming. Therefore, you will probably need to use some modern study tools to save your time for study, especially when it comes to writing tasks. Luckily, Edubirdie has launched its popular online tool for such cases! This is a plagiarism checker for the Spanish language. So if you, let’s say, study Spanish in Texas and need to complete an essay or term paper in this language, you can use this “detector de plagio” to make sure that your writing will successfully pass an anti-plagiarism checking system. There are also many other ways to make your writing much easier and enjoyable, just check the Edubirdie website and find what fits your needs best.

If the possibility of getting online writing help diminished all your doubts and inspired you to get a pet, check the list of the most suitable dog breeds for busy students below.


Poodles are considered one of the best breeds for first-time dog owners. They are not only loving and affectionate but smart as well. Poodles enjoy people’s company and are always ready to go out with you, so you can easily take your buddy for a walk with friends. What is really great about this breed is that poodles have a hypoallergenic coat, so there is no chance that some of your mates may be allergic to it. Even though poodles need regular grooming, it may not be a problem for a busy person. These dogs don’t need to have their hair trimmed like in a cartoon, and just a “normal” looking haircut won’t take much time.


This dog can become a perfect companion for an active student because it’s extremely adaptable. Pekingese is small, quiet, calm, and can live with just anybody. It is also smart and has a cute appearance. This affectionate dog can be easily trained, so you can even take it to college sometimes. If you were given too much homework and don’t have time to walk a lot, it’s not a problem because Pekingese does not require much activity. This breed is pretty lazy which makes it a sweet lapdog to cuddle up with while studying.


The Bolognese breed could make an excellent choice as a dog for students. It’s small and calm so students can take it to college and feel less bored in classes. Moreover, these dogs don’t need much attention and can stay at home alone for long hours. They adore people and would love to join you wherever you go. These sensitive and loving creatures are friendly to strangers, so you won’t experience troubles while taking them for friend meetings. Even though they are quite stubborn, you can train pups with positive reinforcement.

These are only a few dog breeds that could match a student’s lifestyle. There are actually many more options to choose from if you need a small, calm, and easily adaptable dog. Just consider some important factors while selecting a dog. For instance, whether it’s social or friendly and you can take it to college. Or if it’s easy to train and to make stick to necessary rules. Also, pay attention to its energy level because it’s important whether you can match up with it.

In any case, having a dog provides plenty of benefits. It is a great companion and an excellent stress buster that can bring a peaceful balance to your emotions. And most importantly, a dog loves you without any terms and conditions.

Author’s Bio

James Collins is an academic writer at an online essay service for college students. James helps young people to deal with writing assignments when they face difficulties. As a big dog lover, James enjoys learning new things about breeds and spends free time training homeless dogs at shelters.

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