What To Do If Your Dog Bites You?

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Dog bite injuries can be painful and infectious.  Should you be bitten, stay calm, and abide by the following advice:

by Guest Blogger, John Adams

Dogs are the world’s favorite pet and they truly are a man’s best friend. Therefore, it is natural to be alarmed when your sweet furry friend bares its razor-sharp teeth and strikes at you. If this has never happened before, you don’t need to fret over it; perhaps, it was just an accident during playtime. All you need to do is stay calm and abide by the following advice:

Treat your Wound

Dog bite injuries can be painful and infectious, so acquiring a first aid kit must be the priority. Clean the wound with an antiseptic, apply an OTC antibacterial ointment, and bandage it. If the wound is deep or bloody, visit your nearest hospital and consult a doctor within 24 hours. If your dog is in good health and has all the necessary vaccinations, you shall not have to worry about catching rabies or some other infection. Remember to keep your wound clean and sterile at all times.

Understand the Reason behind the Incident

Dogs do not bite or attack without reason. Your pet was probably scared or agitated when it hurt you. Some dogs get overexcited during playtime; a playful nip on their behalf might come on too strong. Identify the source of disturbance that caused your dog to react or respond aggressively. Maybe the incident happened during the presence of a new friend in the house. Dogs get on edge around unfamiliar faces, sounds, and smells. They might dislike the aura of a certain individual or simply feel threatened by them. Another dog or animal in the surroundings can also provoke hostile behavior.

Calm or Confine your Dog

If your dog continues to bare its teeth or snarl, try to calm it down. You can do so by asking any strangers to leave the premises. You can try feeding your dog its favorite treats to divert its attention. If neither of your antics work, you may have to confine the dog for a while. Put it on a leash or let it stay in isolation for some time. Whatever the case, do not respond to your dog’s outbreak with violence. Hitting the animal or yelling at it may increase its distress and result in a counterattack. Be polite and refrain from causing any physical harm. Some people believe that violence begets violence, but that is rarely effective with animals. They are programmed to defend themselves; hence, they might hurt you involuntarily.

Hire a Trainer

Most young dogs bite due to lack of training. A professional dog trainer can help discipline your pooch. If your pet was trained earlier, it may require a refresher course to get back on track. Similar to children, dogs need to be taught to respect boundaries and exhibit good manners.

Visit the Vet

If your dog’s behavior gets worse over time and you feel that it has become a threat to people around you, consult your vet. The aggression could be the outcome of an underlying sickness or condition. In some cases, there is no choice but to keep the dog restrained at all times. Some owners put their dogs down because of the danger they pose and the low quality of life in confinement.

about the author

John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who loves sharing his personal opinions and experiences. He enjoys traveling for his love for nature and wildlife. Time spent at home with his pets is equally cherished, and they inspire a lot of his writing.

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