What to feed your golden retriever?

By Guest Blogger, Bob Matthew

Golden retrievers are one of those breeds of dog who have a sensitive stomach. The main reason for this problem is their sensitive stomach. As the dog owner, you must be careful about your golden retriever’s food. With little care and high-quality diet, you can improve the immune system of your dog and help him to live a long and healthy life.

If you are a Golden retriever owner or are planning to bring one to your home, then you must know some of the basic information like how much you should feed them, what type of nutrition are important and what type of food should not be given to the golden retriever etc. This article will present and answer these type of questions about Golden retriever feeding.

How much should you feed to Golden retrievers?

Just like any other dog, the amount of the number of a meal of the dog food depends on the size, age, and weight of the dog. In the case of Golden retriever, the physical activity also plays an important role. If you have an active dog, then the number of the meal will be automatically increased as the dogs with physical activities have a very fast metabolism.

If we talk about the general number of meals then you should feed your Golden retrievers twice in a day and 2 to 3 cup of high-quality dry food. This is what a vet suggest to the owners of Golden Retrievers. This is not ideal in case of a puppy. The dog required a different amount of food at a different stage of age. In the case of a puppy, three meals a day is good where for the rest of the life, two meals per day are enough.

Commercial food for Golden Retrievers:

When it’s come to commercial food, you must ensure that you are not giving any food to your dog which contains BHA, BHT, propylene glycol, sodium nitrate and other related preservatives etc.

Also, ensure that you are not buying a food with artificial flavors and sugar etc.

Grains collected from brown rice and white rice are ideal for the Golden retrievers.

Avoid any type of food which contains animal digest and go with the good fats sources only.

Food to avoid when feeding Golden retriever:

Following is the list of some of the foods which should be avoided as these could cause very serious health issues and harm the stomach of your Golden Retriever:

Sodas and raw eggs

Avocado, coffee, and chocolate

Undercooked meat or raw meat

Bones, garlic, onion, and shallots

Scallions, raisins, and grapes

Stuff like salty food, hops, alcohol and bread dough are also equally harmful to the Golden retriever.

Manage weight of Golden retriever:

Managing weight of the dog is very important. Feeding extra could make your dog lazy where giving less means your dog is not getting enough nutrition. So, ensure that you are feeding the right amount of the food to your dog.

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